What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?




I think it’s pretty obvious who more closely resembles Pennywise out of those two. How I long for the days when SNL was actually funny. Speaking of SNL, I liked how Lorne Michaels said he gave Weinstein a pass because he’s from New York. Wait a minute, isn’t Trump from New York too? Oh, the hypocrisy…


Liub -

The magic mushroom drive seems to be introduced in DIS (I’m trying to avoid the term STD!). I don’t have an exhaustive knowledge of the canon, but Reddit discussions go into how it’s totally new to this series. Apparently there’s a Voyager episode (i.e. about 100 years later) that deals with similar issues (enslaving another creature to power an engine, I think?), but not quite the same.

For me at least, this adds a tragic element to whatever Lorca and the Discovery are up to - the show is trying to fit into canon, so presumably this drive doesn’t lead anywhere successful. I’m not sure if they’re trying to do that, but for me at least, that’s what they’ve done.

EDIT: Huh. So I guess I can’t put spoiler tags around more than one paragraph, but instead have to tag each paragraph separately.


RE: Your second paragraph

Yep that’s the reason I’m asking as I don’t remember any other ST film/TV where I saw such a drive in action and I do know that this ST:D (I’m sticking by this as a giggling 12 year old) is set as a prequel. I found it disheartening already that Yeoh was killed off so soon, thought she was going to be the main actor in the series!

Thanks for that though!


Season 1 episode 5. I won’t spoil it, but they didn’t put enough thought into that one.


The spore drive is invented just for the new series. Previous trek, at least when it comes to the Federation, has plausible science when it comes to technology. In theory you could have a wrap drive, transporters, replicators, phasers, and quantum torpedoes. We might never have a cost effective way to use them everyday like in the series, but they are at least plausible. This spore thing is basically pure fiction. A spore that permeates throughout the galaxy? That’s even dumber than hypothesizing the existence of the ether.

In the past we’ve had advanced alien cultures that are capable of moving across the galaxy incredibly fast. TNG has the Iconians, whose civilization perished 200,000 years ago, who built gateways that can reach anywhere in the galaxy in an instant. Of course, we also have super beings such as Q, the caretaker, or the prophets who are able to move a ship across the galaxy in a flash. That’s about it.


BoJack Horseman and vinyl fans, this limited edition release looks so good:

I got onto it too late, pre-order all sold out :(.


Oooh that looks so cool. Have you checked amazon?


It’s not actually released yet (December), but the pre-orders have sold out. Just gotta hope they release more copies, I don’t think I want to pay inflated prices on Discogs for it later.


Anyone watch Netflix’s show mindhunters?


Been binging on mindhunters. Really really good.


Third time’s a charm. Bring it up one more time and you’ll get a bite.


I wanted to see if anyone watched and if it was any good. It turned out to be really good.


Mindhunter is great…watched it all in one day.


Prior to release I had heard it was Executive Produced by Charlize Theron, which I thought was interesting. Then I was told David Fincher was involved, which sold it for me. Midnight struck and I burned through 3 episodes. The Fincher brand did not disappoint, and held up well. Mindhunter was more Zodiac than Seven than I thought.


Anyone else looking forward to the continuation of Stranger Things on Netflix? Preview looks really good!


Eggos y’all


I can’t wait for Stranger Things season 2. The first was really good.

Finally caught up on The Good Place. I wish I’d given this show more of a shot at the beginning because I love it. I was a bit worried I couldn’t get into the second season (because of how the first ended) but they hit the ground running and it’s hilarious.


I really like “The Good Place”, but it’s becoming a bit like watching a high-wire act for me: they’re burning through plot and I have no idea how they’re going to be able to keep it going. The five episodes of Season 2 so far would have been at least a couple of seasons in most other shows.

Reminder: watch it from the beginning! It’s heavily serialized compared to most comedies. And between “The Good Place” and “Fargo” Season 2, in the past year or so I’ve dramatically increased my opinion of Ted Danson as an actor. Not that I ever disliked him, but he’s got far more range than I would have thought.


I can see all the jokes before they come. Cliche.