What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Been binge watching Downton Abbey. Definitely not my style, couldn’t watch it when it came out, but for some reason, now I like it.


Anyone still watching The Orville? How it?


I like the punisher right now.


Narcos S3 started out shaky but picked up steam quick and ended great. They set up a S4, I’ll be looking forward to it.



They were working on the fourth season but a member of the crew who was looking for shooting locations was shot (ba dum!) and some narcos were asking for their cut of the series’ profit, so supposedly there’s not going to be a fourth season.


Hmmm, I like season 2 the best easy.

Yeah, I heard something about that. Pretty crazy.


Due to the new Star Trek series on Netflix, I’ve started watching Star Trek TNG, having not really watched any of the ST tv stuff at all besides random eps on TV.

Definitely a lot less serious than I expected, and pretty fun as background TV. Onto S2 now.


Most TNG episodes are random and lighthearted, with a lot of heart sprinkled all over. They do spend way too much time on the holodeck after all.

It’s difficult to get through the first season though, so I applaud you for that.

If lighthearted Star Trek is what you are looking for, you could also try Voyager. Like most Star Trek series, season one is pure shite, but at least Voyager’s series premier is much better than TNG’s Encounter at Farpoint. I will need to be stoned to watch Encounter at Farpoint again. I’m saying that without ever having smoked a cigarette or joint.


Lol yeah E1 was quite WTF.

I’m actually thinking I’d like it to be a bit more serious since I was a pretty serious sci-fi book reader when I was younger, but it’s pretty good to watch on the way to/back from work, or eating dinner.


For serious you have to watch DS9.

Again… some first and second season episodes can get pretty terrible… However, season 2’s Duet is one of the best Trek episodes ever.


Sounds like The Orville which is a lot less funny than I expected.


As people would say here in Taiwan, noted tks!


I’m mid-way through Season 6 of Voyager on my slow, slow first watch of the series. For Next Generation & DS9 I was the same: watched the first seasons, didn’t like it much, quit. Later heard it got far better and came back to it and was glad I did. (DS9 especially - an early precursor to our current peak TV era.)

Voyager … well, true to franchise-form, it does get better after Season 2 or so. And I’m enjoying it. But the characters are a problem: I think Troi is the only central character on TNG that pretty much guarantees a weak episode; and maybe there are no such characters on DS9. On Voyager, whew, it’s most of them. In Season 6, it’s basically the Janeway, Seven of Nine, and Doctor show, and those are definitely the best characters to work with - but that’s a limited selection.


They had the perfect chance to do an edgy show with Voyager. Lost in space, lack of resources and supplies, short on personnel, half of the crew hates the other’s guts, and Borg…

But the powers that be didn’t want to have two serious Trek series at the same time, so Voyager’s character development suffered, especially the Marquis crew (and the Asian guy).

There are plenty of thought provoking stand alone episodes to keep me going. Also the character chemistry is fun and warm, so if I need to relax, I’d watch a lighthearted Voyager episode.


Came back to quote this for the truth, what an annoying charactor/actress (can’t decide who to blame). Data is great and I love all his bits on becoming more human.

Half way through S3 now.


I’m a daydreamer by nature and one of my daydreams in this era of peak t.v. is a series about life in the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling that choosing to end one’s own life is a constitutional right. “Assistance” centers would spring up around the country and anyone could walk in and an hour later be dead. Anyone.

“Now you get to choose when to exit with no pain, messy aftermath or social stigma.”


The cast had a problem trying not to laugh. Comedy set in a British Working Mens Club , each episode ended with awful acts auditioning . Some are wonderfully terrible.


What a great first question. :grin:


Unabomer is pretty cool


Don’t watch a lot of television, but one show that I found easy to binge is the Italian mafia series Gomorrah . Two seasons on Netflix. The third season began airing last month in Italy.

Ciro DiMarzio (Marco D’Amore), aka The Immortal, is a super compelling anti-hero. Takes a couple episodes of Season 1 to sink in, but once you take the bait it’s hard to stop watching.