What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?




I finished Star Trek Discovery ONLY to find out that it was the season finale.

Lots of questions unanswered, but I like the series and looking forward to season 2…which I hear should have already aired on CBS on the 7th. So…Taiwan Netflix is a bit slow?


Star Trek Discovery’s first season isn’t over yet. Netflix adds an episode every week, pretty much concurrently with the US. Still 5 episodes to go. They just started up again after the mid-series break.

I watched End of the F***ing World on Netflix over the weekend. It’s 8 episodes but that adds up to about 2 hours 40 minutes total. Not a hard recommend but it was an interesting show. Dark comedy. A little predictable at times but an interesting premise as a whole.


When did you watch it? They just finished their mid-season break, and the new episode became available on Netflix here Monday evening.


The cliffhanger before the mid-season break was a jump to unknown space, surrounded by wreckage; the only episode so far of the second part of the season is them figuring out how to deal with the mirror universe. Which also had me re-watching the Original Series’ “The Tholian Web” (when the Defiant disappears), and planning to watch Enterprise’s “Through a Mirror Darkly”, when the Defiant appears in the mirror universe, about a hundred years back in time.


I think I watched it this past Sunday evening…or maybe it was Monday during lunch.

The episode finished with is exactly the one you described. I wasn’t aware of the mid season break, so thanks for the update! I think I’ll wait for all the episodes to air and binge it come a long weekend or rainy day.


Unabomber on Netflix. Pretty solid


I agree. Really well done and interesting. I had no idea the unibomber was such an interesting person.


Prison playbook on Netflix is enjoyable. It’s a Korean show so maybe some won’t like it even with the subtitles. It’s funny and interesting to how prison life is so different in Korea vs the west and other countries


Black Mirror season 4 is worth watching.


Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 “Nosedive” is funny and an insight into the real future of social ranking and impacts on personal life.

Just started binge watching.


Oh god no. “Black Mirror” is good, but binge-watching it sounds like a horrible idea guaranteed to lead to despair. If you’re dead set on doing this to your mental health, at least wait for a sunny day.


Yea, I noticed the despair part already after a few episodes. I’m planning to balance it out with something dumb funny and mindless.


May I suggest watching the Emmys?


What are you trying to drive the guy to drink?


OK, I admit it, it was just a roundabout way of telling the guy that what he really needed was a stiff drink.


Emmy isn’t funny, but clearly stupid.


OK, maybe I have a strange sense of humor. The stiff drink advice still stands.


I take that back, looks like some of the Grammys were funny especially with Hillary Clinton reading Fire and Fury.


You definitely need a stiff drink for that.


I held off on watching season 5 of Boardwalk Empire for a long long while, after being a bit underwhelmed by season 4. But I binge watched it all again just recently, started S5, and I’ll say E1 was easily up with the best TV episodes I’ve ever seen. You had to see the first 4 seasons of course, and they hopped into the past cheated, but still basically mind bending. Dark, and making it look like seasons 3 and 4 which have to be up with the darkest shit ever in a fairly major TV drama, won’t be quite the darkest.