What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


I really liked The Tick too. A breath of fresh air in an age of superhero fatigue.




Tbh, I’m morally against pirating. I’m big on paying, people artist and performers for their work.


So am I, but you asked how to buy pirated videos.


I was wondering. I thought they were in USBs or some other format. I don’t have anything that can play DVDs.


Maybe in such a remote region like Johor Bahru it’s okay to pick up a few cheap DVDs :sweat_smile:Cheap players also available.


Ahhh, but are the artists and performers getting a slice of your box office, or have they already been paid in full. As one of those wannabe artists, I’d personally prefer that you see my efforts and the studios/fat cat producers can eat it.

Thus, my upcoming production of White Rabbit Red Rabbit…it’s a pay what you can event.


Good point. But wouldn’t the logic still be if the studio/producers and the people backing make more money, the more likely they will pay people down the road?


Still rather you see my work. Wasn’t it Edvard Munch that hung his paintings in the forest? Musta made his manager scream. :wink:


Season 2 comes out next year!


The Tudors on Netflix.


You’re very late to it.


Very new to me. Not sure why but like it. Already on season 4.


I like it too.

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