What are your favorite cafes and where?

what are your favorite cafes and where are they? and why do you like going there?

A-Z Cafe on Dunhua
Dunhua S rd section 1 lane 160 #10
The staff is very friendly. (Although they speak no English at all and the English menu hasnt’ been made yet because they asked me and I’m a flake). The food is great. He has spaghetti, curry, and sandwiches. The sandwiches are local style and I think they are icky. But the curry and spaghetti is GOOD!
They also have fresh squeezed (as in squeezed when you order it) juices and delicious coffee.
There is the cutest piggy in the world standing outside on most days. (the owner’s pet) But be careful, he bites.

But a redeeming quality to the yucky sammiches: the bread is baked fresh every morning. So for white bread, I guess it isn’t too bad. I think all white bread is nasty.

sounds like a nice place Boy this topic sure doesnt seem to attract much attention does it?

Haha. No it doesn’t seem to.

I still go back to Jamaica off Longquan Rd (parallel to Shida Rd.), one block back from Key Lady toward Roosevelt Road. The food isn’t bad, the tea is cheap, but avoid the bathroom at all costs – it’s been Han dynasty-esque for years and no signs of change last I visited.

I will be beaten with a rolling pin if I do not plug the Nook Cafe Theatre - No. 7-1, Lane 123, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taibei 104 (near the Songjiang/Nanjing East Road intersection and not far from the Changchun Movie Theatre.)

When ordering milk tea, insist on fresh milk instead of yucky “naijing!”

And how is Mitzu these days? I kinda miss his breezing into class late and tossing of a casual “ohi yo” as he removed his cool shades. I do believe it’s time for Ye Laoshi and me to have a little coffee and curry break and check to see if Laoban is still dressing in an oh-so-hip fashion.