What are your thoughts on the latest developments of the Fou

[b]As a member of Taiwan’s international community, what are your thoughts on the latest political developments of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant?

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IMHO, with the judiciary giving such an apathetic response and stance on the 4th NPP, I am inclined to favour proceeding with the construction.

Sure, there are loads of opinions that support and disapprove of the construction of the 4th NPP. Since it has been approved in the Legislative Yuan, which is supposed to represent the voice of the people in this nation (not simply interest groups), along with the signing of the agreement with the vendors, it would critically damage the Taiwanese goverment’s credibility as a professional business body. The government’s role as a business policy making body for this nation would also be undermined.

There are many ways to boil water. Taiwan doesn’t need a “nuclear” plant to do this if there is ANY doubt of safety.

I’ll start to support the construction of this when Mayor Ma sets up home for himself and family and lives with the locals.

Once again, the short-sighted view dominates. “Let’s build the %#*& thing so we can please the stakeholders.” Short-term, fine but when we have all had our little bit of fun and wealth as a result of Taiwan’s “development”, who is expected to pick up the pieces?

President Chen is an admirable man with a vision that reaches beyond your average dweller on this island. A true leader.