What are your top 2 places for 'hanging out' in Taiwan?

Recreational activities, the night life, fun and entertainment take on a whole new meaning in Taiwan. Besides your work place and home, what are the 2 most likely places where you find yourself ‘hanging out’?

Hang out? In Taiwan? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That’s a laugh. Show me a nice, open-air pub&grub with a half-decent view and an ambience unbroken by the blare of always-on TVs or the broken-looney-tune of the rubbish trucks and I’ll be there like a shot. What? No suggestions? Fine. I’ll stick to my flat or to the counter of the nearest bar that DOESN’T feature karaoke-by-the-minute. It’s either that or the local library social.

Sorry - I don’t want to imply that I get the feeling that ‘hanging out’ is a completely unknown concept in this country (unless it involves shopping), but it may already be too late…

And no, I don’t live in Taipei, a city with even less to do than other places but just on a bigger scale. Foam, rant, rave (sorry, wish I could). Suggestions are welcome, though.

Come to think of it, I spend a lot of time at Starbucks coffee. I also find myself at Ren Jen (that very nice restaurant/bar behind the Far Eastern Hotel) at least twice a week. Okay so I have no life, what can I say. But both for me are comforts of home…

And I thought I was the only one who felt like this (that I kept asking myself “is it me?” or “is it them?”). That’s reassuring to hear. :wink:

Since we are not allowed to mention our own homes, would “7-11” be considered a place for hangout? LOL.

I hear there’s a 24 hour Eslite that is really cool to hangout in. Any other ideas as the hot summer approaches?

(Yes I’m sure I want to continue this old conversation)

As @Rocket would say, someone who was born when this was post can drive now…

There is one now, on the beach in Kenting.

Cowboy’s Beach Bar & Grill 牛仔沙灘酒吧餐廳

Anyway, “open-air” doesn’t work in Taipei.

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I actually have a written list of “hangout places” and they all suck.

Taipei is a working city. People are working, doing their after work things like washing their clothes and cleaning house, bed, and back to work.

What’s the deal with all those old posters’ usernames? They’re all Oscar winners.

Anyways, the obvious answer would be:
“Wherever you pigfuckers ain’t”

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@Charlize_Theron, meet @Rockefeller
@Rockefeller, meet @Charlize_Theron

“Dead” posters are assigned movie star names?

I’m in Starbucks nearly every day. And it’s my destination (for a break, toilet, Wifi, meet people, not a nap) when I go on random exploring around the city.

Must be long gone.

Yes, but do you drink their coffee?

I buy a cup at Starbucks, but drinking it is not so easy. Will hit a convenience store for carry out if I really want to drink decent coffee.


19 years …Good one !

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Court appointed punishment

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Must have been a pretty heinous crime…

Rocket’s are mercenary activity, grievous bodily harm, arson (he blows up a lot of stuff), escape from prison, and, I believe, public drunkenness.


somewhere with AC