What are your top 2 places for 'hanging out' in Taiwan?


Recreational activities, the night life, fun and entertainment take on a whole new meaning in Taiwan. Besides your work place and home, what are the 2 most likely places where you find yourself ‘hanging out’?


Hang out? In Taiwan? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That’s a laugh. Show me a nice, open-air pub&grub with a half-decent view and an ambience unbroken by the blare of always-on TVs or the broken-looney-tune of the rubbish trucks and I’ll be there like a shot. What? No suggestions? Fine. I’ll stick to my flat or to the counter of the nearest bar that DOESN’T feature karaoke-by-the-minute. It’s either that or the local library social.

Sorry - I don’t want to imply that I get the feeling that ‘hanging out’ is a completely unknown concept in this country (unless it involves shopping), but it may already be too late…

And no, I don’t live in Taipei, a city with even less to do than other places but just on a bigger scale. Foam, rant, rave (sorry, wish I could). Suggestions are welcome, though.


Come to think of it, I spend a lot of time at Starbucks coffee. I also find myself at Ren Jen (that very nice restaurant/bar behind the Far Eastern Hotel) at least twice a week. Okay so I have no life, what can I say. But both for me are comforts of home…


And I thought I was the only one who felt like this (that I kept asking myself “is it me?” or “is it them?”). That’s reassuring to hear. :wink:

Since we are not allowed to mention our own homes, would “7-11” be considered a place for hangout? LOL.