What Books Are You Reading?


Very readable like a fiction story but it’s not fiction.


Couple weeks ago Amazon Kindle had the full 6-volume set of Winston Churshill’s The Second World War on sale for NT$300, which I snatched up.

Just started the first book, and in the first 50 pages he’s given me insights into post-WW1 France that will keep me reading. For example, he goes on a bit about France’s relationship with Germany since 1870, that by 1919 the French had gone through 50 years of high tension and a continuously dreaded expectation of German invasion. Churchill asserts that explains a lot of why France was so insistent on punishing Germany at Versaille, and which in turn largely explains their sleepy complacency with respect to keeping abreast of state-of-the-art miltary strategies during the 1920s and 30s.

Anyway, pretty good read so far. I will almost certainly pick up his A History of the English-Speaking Peoples if/when it, too, is discounted by Amazon. Churchill makes hanging out with him very comfortable so far.

Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To


Got this book after seeing this podcast. It’s pretty amazing stuff. Really worth listening to this podcast. What if we treated aging as a disease, can we prevent it or slow it down? It appears we can slow it down and even reverse it.

My parents have an early hardcover edition of that in their basement; my mom did some research and determined it’s significant enough to be worth a few hundred dollars (this was a surprise to her; we’ve got a complete Dickens collection printed before whenever edition dates were printed in books, and we thought that would be worth more, but apparently not). I’m not sure if that valuation was before or after the underlining and annotations I believe I may have added to one of the volumes at some point in high school … oops.

Do you use the Kindle daily deals newsletter? It’s a good way to keep tabs on what books are on special. Also kind of dangerous, because I wind up buying books far faster than I could read them.

I don’t use the daily newsletter, no. I make a point of browsing to Amazon 2-3 times a week instead.

Did not avoid the same fate, though. I probably have a dozen books I haven’t started yet. :crazy_face:

Ugh…for the rich only. Imagine eternal poverty.

Yes, I am also feeling the end of summer reading crunch.

Good writing, not so great history, great anecdotes though.
On the origin of the War of Jenkin’s Ear between Britain and Spain:

“What did you do?” he was asked. “I commended my soul to God and
my cause to my country”, was the answer put in his mouth by the
Opposition…. Whether it was indeed his own ear or whether he had lost
it in a seaport brawl remains uncertain, but the power of this shriveled
object was immense.

After a pause in the Hundred Years War:

At the Christmas speech, the King said he was at peace, and hoped his subjects and all good Christians would be so. As this was read as calling for war with France, it raised a tremendous cheer.

Book 1 is one of today’s daily deals, around $2. Although actually it looks like the other three volumes are only around $3 anyway.

Usual caveats about different prices for different regions and different account locations apply.

Thanks for the heads up. I picked up the 4-vol set for US10.96 just now.

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