What bug is this?

My youngest (1.5yo) just got stung by this:

Any idea what insect is this?

It seems to hurt a lot, as he doesn’t stop crying and the places where he got stung swelled almost immediately.
However we are camping in the middle of nothing and we don’t know what we can do to help alleviate it.

They are wasps. Keep an eye on it for allergic reactions an possibly needing to go to the doctor. Does he have bee type allergies?

Those bastards can really hurt, his crying.is justified.



I don’t know. First time he got stung.

Any idea what could help to relief?

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While camping…probably just time and trying to distract him. Probably be good time to break any rules on toy time etc.

If allergies show up, many people carry an epi pen. Doesnt help you now, but he does turn out to be allergic (you should know by now)its worth getting one. Most clinics should be able to help should things get worse. Where was he stung?

Edit: polistes gigas


Thanks again, this was quite helpful!

Two places. Right eyelid and next to the right elbow.

I’m no expert but it does look similar to this.

This is a zoomed image of your insect.

The top picture is a black tailed hornet, which doesn’t sound nice.


No it doesn’t.
Is that the same as the one @Explant mentioned?

I’m not sure, I looked it up on a website for bees/wasps in Taiwan. Turns out there are tons of species.

Here’s another image of the black tailed hornet. I’m guessing they would look bigger than your average wasp.


Ya, it does look like Micks suggestion. Im no expert. both would follow similar cautions for allergies. Eyelid is a beast of a first sting!


All is well, now.
We found a small clinic not too far. No need to worry according to the doctor.
Thanks guys for the info provided!

It didn’t swell as much as I thought it would.

This points out to allergy reaction, but not a serious one.

Regardless, the doctor prescribed drops and an ointment to the eye, as well as anti-inflammatory and
antipyretic, just in case.


Thats great there were no serious allergies. I think swelling is always normal. Strong little buddy. Will hopefully have agood sleep tonight haha. Glad to hear everything is better and worry free. Probably mom is the worst for ware haha. Enjoy the rest of the camping trip.


According to Wiki, Vespa Ducalis, attacking paper wasp nests to get the tasty larvae.

They probably found a nest inside the pipe. Anyways, I had paper wasps coming in to the living room several weeks ago, consecutive days, or better nights when the lights were on. Found the paper wasp nest right up the roof hidden in a dark corner. The nests are quite small.

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Interesting you mention that. We had the exact same thing throughout september (and basically every year). Some thoughts running through my head include: finding a suitable wind/rain free shelter for winter (our region of taiwan gets serious winds and rains over fall/winter). Or perhaps just hunting some seasonal fare on the upper side of those long flourescent fixtures. I presume both ant and gecko are the ripe fruits for such predators. I gave up my theory on random stowaways as i watched them for extended periods and let them figure it out, they were clearly on a mission, and a mission fixated on a very specific spot. Feeding possible, nesting probable. Other options i am open to suggestions. But certainly not lost.