What country should the US invade next? (if you're a Neocon)

What country should the US invade next?

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Canada
  • None

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My friend emailed me this quaint little man-on-the-street video. It seems a lot of Americans don’t mind at all giving suggestions as to which country theirs should invade next, even if they can’t find these countries on a map.

Download video here: (3 MB)

I couldn’t resist adding my own poll here. If you think of a country I should add, PM me or post a comment saying so.

Sure, interview 200 people and take the dumbest examples out and show them. Makes for good TV!

May I suggest France? :smiling_imp:

Really, I’d say, “None”. But just for the hell of it, I’ve voted “Canada.” We’ve got oil, gas, WATER, and loads of other necessary resources. Not to mention a small, relatively docile and unarmed population. Okay, there’s no need, having gained access to most of the best goodies through the on-again off-again NAFTA deal, but what the hell… it was Canadian Candu reactors that gave Pakistan the bomb, making us a part of the axis of evil, right? And sure, there’ll be no border, and you can’t tell a Canuck from a polite American–which sets up some interesting guerrilla tactics (not to mention the always tempting historical reenactment of the torching of the White House)–but again, largely unarmed and docile (off ice).

Yeah, but then we’d have to assimilate you and well…let’s not go there. :wink:

Yeah, but then we’d have to assimilate you and well…let’s not go there. :wink:[/quote]

Count Detroit, some of Cali, Florida and Alaska ours. Toodles!

Hmmm Seattle? hmmmm…

May I suggest France? :smiling_imp:[/quote]

No way. That’s totally unfeasable. Even the US wouldn’t dare try that. France has nukes, for one thing.

Thanks for explaining the obvious.

I added the parenthetical qualifier because I realized people were going to vote two ways. This is a better question I think. (But I wish I could change my vote. I was being too sincere and chose None.)

Canada, so we can get them to stop saying “eh” at the end of every sentence and have them play a real sport like baseball.

What the 'ell, eh? That’s totally untrue, hoser. Ain’t no way we say, “eh?” at the end of every sentence, eh.

We did. We beat you. :slight_smile:

I think Canadians and Americans should just split the difference and play baseball on ice. THAT would be a game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why isn’t Mexico a choice??

Mexico is also unfeasible, as the US would need to annex it after invading, and there are far too many dirt poor people there. It is obviously much better to have a foreign sweatshop next door than to try and bring it up to a halfways American standard.

But Maybe I should add Panama. Yes…

Oh. Not possible I guess.

I know that if the US invaded Canada they would have to deal with me complaining about it at my local. I would also complain about it anonymously over the internet.

And I would attack the Baldwins.

I say we’re way past due for a war with the Eskimos (sp?). Anyone who’s an expert in Eskimo culture like I am knows that it’s one of the most fascist, violence-ridden cultures on earth and is secretly dedicated to the destruction of Canada and the United States for supposedly stealing North America from them three hundred years ago.

It’s also a well-known fact that Eskimos commit more acts of terrorism than any other race on earth.

Eskimos would love nothing more than forcing all the decent, peace-loving people of North America to ride around in dog sleds and chew walrus blubber and kill innocent seal pups for sport like they do.

We can’t take any chances. We’ve got to act now! Protect our vulnerable northern frontier from Esko-fascism before it’s too late and we’re all wearing yarmulkes in the summer!

Cause it doesn’t have oil! :slight_smile:

Oh, and to answer the OP’s question: The US should not invade any other country next. Maybe they can finish what they’re doing (or trying to do) in Iraq first?

I see another Vietnam. Tail between the legs kinda tactical withdrawal thing.

Apologies for my statement to the Vietnam veterans. :notworthy: :notworthy: It’s hard fighting a war without the support of your people. I see Iraq going the same way.

Uhhh…check yr data.
Mexico is a major oil producing country.

And new fields are being discovered there consistently.

Pemex might ring a bell.

Uhhh…check yr data.
Mexico is a major oil producing country.

And new fields are being discovered there consistently.

Pemex might ring a bell.[/quote]

So howcome it’s not invaded yet?

Oil AND tequila…

Somebody please tell Bush tequila is a WMD. :wink: That should do it!