What counts as a Covid death in Taiwan?

Exactly. The sample size makes it impossible to draw any firm conclusions about “vaccine efficacy” here. As does the lack of other supporting information (not vaxxed due to doctor’s advice, etc.)

And yet, every single day that’s exactly what happens; statistically-inappropriate conclusions are drawn.

If how they collect and present this data, to try and show ‘Covid death tolls’ is all not exactly classed as misinformation, then it’s certainly veers towards substandard information, and is clearly information-deficient.

One would think, seeing as these are well educated scientists and so on collating all this data, that they also fully understand this particular point.

Hence, my conclusion is that these daily ‘Covid death’ shows are probably primarily a political event, and not actually about Covid as a serious and concerning health issue, or at least certainly not one that warrants all the attention and fuss.

The lack of vigorous and rigorous data collection for something so serious and dangerous that apparently no one is allowed to even die ‘of’ it (or even catch it - remember Chen’s ‘zero Covid!’ desires?) leads me to believe that the people running the show are not really interested in what this data may actually indicate.

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It’s very nice that they decided to remove deaths by suicide and drowning from the tally of covid deaths, but the question is: why were they in there in the first place? Are the doctors so incompetent they can’t tell the difference between covid and a rope around the neck? Obviously there was INTENTION to pad the covid numbers as there has been in many countries. Therefore, ALL covid reporting from the government becomes suspect and not to be trusted.

The point is well taken that without clear and publicly known criteria for deciding what is and what isn’t a covid death, in keeping with standards used for other causes of death, any statistics on covid deaths are completely meaningless. It’s shameful and embarrassing what public health agencies around the world have left themselves become.

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Taiwan used WHO standard for reporting covid cases which many other countries also followed.

But conspiracy theory sounds much better I guess. :man_shrugging:


My working hypothesis is that they have to have a daily death tally, because without it they have no legal justification for waving the Pandemic Law in people’s faces.

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It’s true that ICD-10 conflates “of” and “with” deaths, but then one might ask: why the actual fck did they do that? It’s quite obvious that it’s going to lead to an inaccurate picture. And since the WHO is an international organisation which comes to decisions via committees, then yes, conspiracy does seem the most likely explanation, since incompetence cannot possibly be correct.

In any case there is nothing preventing national health authorities from also collecting/releasing more informative data. And yet the CECC (like almost every other country on the planet) has elected not to do that.

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And the WHO standards can’t distinguish between suicide and covid? What is your explanation?

Every deceased person receives codes e.g. U07.1 when corona virus infection has been confirmed.
Initially most countries tracked the pandemic using those codes in death certificates for their statistics.

Countries improved their statistics and tracking to exclude those edge cases (suicides, etc.) over time.

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I had my third booster yesterday and I feel like I’m a step away from dying. Will I count as a Covid death?

More likely a “Death following Vaccination”. Unless of course you have tested positive in the past few months, that will add you to the numbers. :hot_face:

Why the Fuq trusts the WHO?

I admire your bravery getting another shot after your troubles. May the medium be with you.

Why do you keep taking it?

Yeh, I was wondering that. It seems…er…refreshingly naive…BUT this is jimipresley??

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One of my jobs requires it. Cunts.

Seriously? That is so out of order.

Whatever posters think about the overall benefits of vaccinating everyone, this is a clear example of how it could kill somebody.

I think the extreme pro-vaccine side takes the view that one must break a few eggs to make an omelette.


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Taiwan doctors will give you a medical exemption, but the bosses can and will disregard. They will fire you no problem if you refuse to vax of wear a mask even with medical back up.

that’s terrible.

We’re not sure these figures are accurate, even though suicide numbers in this age group have been similarly reported in a number of articles. They may actually refer to ‘suicide attempts’ instead of actual deaths by suicide.

In any case, whether suicide attempts or actual suicides for this age group, it is all absolutely dreadful. It is also a sad reflection on the state of the society, that these numbers are increasing very dramatically every year - doubling in just five years.

IMO it should also be a cause for some self-reflection as a country, though I won’t hold my breath that happening any time soon. Apparently Covid is the one thing that no one is allowed to get or die from, and that alone requires so much focus at this time. The govt needs to double down, or admit they fluffed it, so double down it is.

Only 1/3 of frantic calls to emergency for mental health assistance are answered. That’s embarrasing. But, hey! Wear your mask outside, in the heat, at all times! And look! Someone died, and it was “of Covid! We think…we’re not sure…Sometimes they just drowned, or killed themselves…we’ll get back to you.”

That this country is solely focused on spending so much money and giving so much publicity to a primarily asymptomatic or mild illness (99.6%), makes me think that people aren’t as concerned about “protecting the youth” as they would like us to believe. No matter how many mass Vax4kids4life! campaigns they want to implement, it doesn’t convince me otherwise. Only around 10 “daily Covid deaths” are among those with no other illness or disease. The rest, we know not what actually caused their deaths. Yet we are led to believe that “Covid” did it, despite these conclusions always being drawn prematurely, and then given so much airplay every day as if they were factually correct, despite the complete absence of necessary information being collected and/ or disseminated to the public so they cannot make a genuinely well-informed decision about the actual danger of Covid.

Like Ukraine, it may take an invasion for Taiwan to drop the farce altogether. Any other reason, any other cause of dying, any other event, doesn’t seem serious enough for the Covid circus to end.


Not yet!
Eventually soon!