What do Forumosans drive?

What do you drive?

  • A blue truck
  • A stupid taxi
  • I only race super expensive sport cars which helps me to buy more properties in the UK
  • A Jimny that matches my skin color
  • Something no one cares

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Wait ? A jimney that I thought was green ? Did you see yyy driving ?

A 15 year old Acura Rsx…stick shift…yeah no one cares

I’ve driven a blue truck, twice. The sudden craving for binlang and 蠻牛 while behind the wheel was intense.


A blue truck as option when it’s well known we can’t own one? Really?!
You enjoy putting salt on open wounds don’t you?

I don’t think that’s true. Indeed, I know a guy who owns a truck that is blue. Not the typical one, but still a truck and blue.

For the love of god "Something no one cares about "


Sorry, not editable anymore. You’re always caring about things no one cares.


What a shitty troll emoticon BTW

I learned everything from the Police in the UK.

I’ve been driven in a blue truck, bad experience.