What do i need to bring?

I know this has been covered, but I have an hour before i have to pick up a ticket for hong kong. I apologize ahead of time for not doing a search.

would someone please be so kind as to list what exactly it is i need to get a 2 month visitor’s visa from hong kong, or correct me if i’m wrong:

passport photos
bank statement
ticket showing i’m leaving taiwan after 2 months
the form, filled out in it’s entirety

is that all?

I have an expired work permit from 2 years ago in my passport (when i was using my canadian one) will that affect then giving me a visitor’s visa?

thanks!! and sorry to rehash an old topic

also, names of cheap hotels would be a bonus :notworthy:

[quote]passport photos
bank statement
ticket showing I’m leaving taiwan after 2 months
the form, filled out in it’s entirety [/quote]

Try to get an invite from a Taiwanese national confirming where you will stay (address) and the reason for your visit.

And a nice smile. Wear something smart so you look professional - it always helps.

[quote]I have an expired work permit from 2 years ago in my passport (when I was using my Canadian one) will that affect then giving me a visitor’s visa?


No, but being Canadian might. :laughing:

Good luck,


thanks so much! didn’t think of the letter. will be dressed to the nine’s.

first visa run in 3.5 years. i’m kinda nervous! :s

c’est la vie i guess :idunno:

i’ve heard so many horror stories about going to hong kong. i hope it all works out.

I forgot the most important question!!!


If you get your paper work in before 11:00am, they should have it ready for you by (if I remember right) 4:00pm. If your paper work is handed in after 11:00am, you will have to wait until the next day. Also, get there early! Last time, I waited in line for over an hour and almost missed the 11:00am deadline. :blush: Best of luck.

bing money and enjoy the tea
hong kong is fun

give an inch they take a mile… :blush:

one more question:

how much money do they want to see in your bank account?

I’ve been a few times to hong kong for getting a Taiwanese visa, each times I applied for it at the opening time the morning, and I got it the afternoon (around 4pm if I remember)
But if you go too late the morning, you

You should also take 60 bottles of beer to drink in the event that you are buried alive under a snow avalanche and you need to urinate out of it in order to save your life.

At TECO in Vancouver it was 2000CDN

Not many people remember this. It’s a miracle there aren’t more tragedies. People can be so foolhardy.

Cheers everyone for the prompt replies. :thanks:

Should I find myself urinating my way out of an avanlanche, you’lll all be the first to know.

Boy I sure hope not.

Being buried under an avalanche would be bad enough but then to feel the warm sensation of … :eh: … aeh, enough said. Let’s just say I’d be happy hearing about it after the fact.

Hope you have a pleasant and successful trip bb! :slight_smile:

[quote=“bushibanned”]give an inch they take a mile… :blush:

one more question:

how much money do they want to see in your bank account?[/quote]

I have never had to show them my bank account information. You are getting a visitor visa, right?

How do you get the visitor’s visa and what do you need? As I’m about to do my fist visa run combined with a vacation after four years.

What you need is exactlywhat Bushibanned has posted in his first post + an invitation letter from a Taiwanese resident with acopy of their ID card.

Bushibanned: [color=red]A photocopy of their ID card with the invitation letter.[/color]

An onward ticket from Taiwan is also necessary.

I personally have never ever ever ever been asked for finacial details in any country where I have applied for a visa. (London; KL; HG; Thailand). I don’t think they really care.

I remember 4 years ago when first coming to Taiwan, TECO in Vancouver wanted a copy of my bank statement. I dont get any of my bills in Taiwan becuase I do online banking so i copy of that better suffice.

Got the letter and ID copies.

On what grounds are you applying for a 60-day visa. Unless things have changed a lot in the last few years, you’ll only get 30 days for ‘tourism’.

To get 60 days you’ll need to either be studying (provide proof of enrolment, tuition paid up) or visiting family (not sure what you need for this - maybe copies of ID cards).

Someone correct me if I’m wrong about this.


Hello Bushibanned,

I have gone to Hong Kong three times for visitor visas so I hope I can clear-up a few things for you.

I have NEVER needed an invitation letter when applying for a visitor visa.

If applying for a visitor visa in your home country (Canada) you must provide a bank account statement. I needed to do this in Toronto. However, you are applying in Hong Kong so this is not required.

I have always been given a 60 day non-extendable visitor visa.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

P.S. [quote]An onward ticket from Taiwan is also necessary.[/quote]

You WILL need this. Hong Kong has really been enforcing this rule recently.

Just bring everything mentioned here. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

There seem to be different rules in different offices. I’ve never been asked for a statement (even in my own country) and Funkywotsit has never been asked for an invite - just take everything just in case.

Bu Lai En:

You can get a 60 day visa which you need to apply for at the visa office in whatever country you are going to. This can be for tourism or visiting family or whatever and can be extended in some circumstances.

A 30 day tourist visa is available which you get at the airport called a landing visa. This cannot usually be extended and is only available to citizens of certain countries.


thanks a lot! hopefully i won’t have any problems. I seem to have everything I need prepared.