What do the different colors mean for those public parking boxes?

I always go for the white parking box. Today I made the mistake of using a blue one, as I was in rush for doctor’s appointment.

The car got towed. I have learnt my lesson. But still it would good to learn what it all means.


The blue boxes are for disabled drivers with a disabled drivers permit.

I have only seen blue or white here, what other colours are there?


or for trucks loading/unloading items.

in taipei and kaohsiung, you can use them when it is not for truck. night time or sunday maybe in kaohsiung.


There should be a sign beside the parking spot;

Loading/unloading area for instance.

Disabled spots are pretty obvious so shouldn’t need explanation. There’s also pink ones for pregnant women and/or those with children 6 or under, yellow ones which have time/duration restriction written on them, those reserved for police vehicle use etc.

If you can’t read the signs or road markings just only park in the white ones with no characters.


yellow inside white!
that one confuses me

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many things depend on administrative regions.

in taipei
There is a light yellow inner frame line (yellow frame) inside the motorcycle parking grid on the roadside.

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Thanks, I saw it in Kaohsiung…

I know the disabled ones. I never use those. Some blue ones don’t have the disabled board/sign on them. Those are the ones I am unsure about.

Ah, now I know.

Just an observation, but the chance to get towed seems to be much higher when parking inside a blue box compared to parking on a red line.


Thanks for the details.

That sign in the image is obvious. But I haven’t seen these here in Kaohsiung. Usually, you just see a plain blue box and no signboard, so I wasn’t sure if I could use it. Also, I kept thinking of what I had heard from a neighbor/friend who told me the blue boxes are the same as white ones, but you just pay more for parking.

After paying 1700 fine, that surely seems to be the case. :laughing:


I heard the same about driving fast :upside_down_face:

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