What do you call the yellow filling in TW breads?

Anyone got any idea what this is called? You know the yellow filling commonly found in breads and cakes in Taiwan.

Its made of butter, sugar, egg and loads of milk powder… but what would the English translation be?
I thought buttercream but the addition of eggs and milk powder seem to rule that out. And it seems my baking terminology is sadly lacking here, and a reverse search using these ingrediants isn’t exactly helpful…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


its kind of a local version of Crème Patisserie

“gross yellow stuff”

hmm, I see what you mean, if they used fresh milk instead of milk powder they’d come up with a custard-like consistency, but the milk powder makes it into a paste.

Paste Patisserie?

Dragonbones – I agree, but I’m not sure ‘minging paste’ will fly :laughing:

I would have just called it a cream(y) filling or custard-like filling, but it appears you’re trying to be very precise, in which case I’ll shut up now. :stuck_out_tongue:


This from the man that dips his cheese in earwax.

I believe the technical term is “spunk.”

Yeah, I would, only that sounds almost pleasant, leading to unsuspecting people getting it and then discovering that its actually this strange paste-y thing… which is never a nice surprise.

“custard paste”–this is pretty accurate, and gets across something of the improbability of it being something you might actually consider eating.

Soylent Yellow

According to the table of elements it doesn’t exist! :astonished:

Almond paste without almonds …? Milk powder paste … ? A bad try …? Would be good if … paste …? A little better than red bean paste paste …?

“unpleasant, pasty custard-like creme pastry filling”

They probably wanted to emulate the consistency/texture of red bean paste, without the red beans … which does not work in western style pastry

Frangipane … that’s what actually works and is somewhat similar but is much better but more expensive …

So, we could call the filling ‘the poor man’s Frangipane’ … because there are no expensive almonds used …

I love that stuff!

If it’s the stuff in the small double pancake like things, then it’s good, but then again, anything that tastes like custard is good :smiley:


Ya thats actually not bad… Dont they call that “lemon” filing? But i actually prefer the redbean paste filling in those.