What do you consider to be the best Indian food restaurant in Taipei?

Saffron and Spice Shop are the two best, and they are right next door to each other.


I’ve pretty much tried every Indian restaurant in Taipei and NTC, and here’s what I think:

  • Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine is the best. Unfortunately, it is in Tianmu which might be hard to reach without a car. Saffron 46 in Taipei 101 has the same owner, but the menus and prices are quite different. The latter is super bougie.
  • If you’re vegetarian, Flavors of India in Daan is a pretty good Indian vegetarian restaurant.
  • Mayur Indian Kitchen (MIK) 2 in Songshan. The other MIKs aren’t nearly as good as this one. The chef in MIK 2 has worked in some of the most famous restaurants in India.
  • Nataraj Indian Cuisine in Songshan. This place has a lot of seafood, and I hear the Taiwanese love it. I’ve tried their vegetarian curries and they’re pretty good.
  • Looking for an economical lunch set? Moksha in Tianmu has a very nice lunch set with 7-8 different items for ~NTD 350. Only Monday-Thursday though.

No matter which Indian restaurant you choose, make sure to mention 印度人口味 while ordering, or you’ll likely get some watered down Taiwanese (sweet) version of every dish.

P.S: FYI, 印度人口味 doesn’t imply “spicy”. It just means that you’ll get an authentic version of the dish. I usually mention 小辣 explicitly as well since it really brings out the flavor in the curries. By default they will refrain from making it even remotely spicy.


TAJ INDIAN RESTAURANT, Da’an - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

This place is very good. Pakistani/Indian.


Balle Balle is the best. Not up for debate in my book. Can’t believe no one has even mentioned it, especially guy above who says he’s tried every one. Plus, the owner is super nice.


I think Balle Balle is so-so. I feel the same about Mayur, Saffron and The Spice Shop. Ridiculously overpriced and boring.
My favorite is Calcutta in Ximen. But it has absolutely zero ambiance.
I love their fried fish starter, but usually get it take-away.


Long thread on best Indian in Taipei over here, still active late last year; you’ll want to scroll down to 2018 or so I suppose.

A useful link I already put up in that thread:

Not yet listed above in this thread: I like Amma’s Kitchen a lot, because they have plenty of South Asian options, which can be unusual here. Recommended by @afterspivak here. They’re on Facebook, but I can’t get the link to work properly without logging in to Facebook, and I don’t do that.


Indian cuisine is so vast, it really depends on what dishes you order. Also yeah if you all didn’t say 印度人口味 whole ordering then what you got was probably not what they serve to Indians…

I was pretty surprised by this as well, but nearly every Indian restaurant I’ve been to does this. I asked the waitress a couple of times, and they’ve said that Indian food is “too salty” for the Taiwanese. They try to make it sweeter and closer to Japanese curries which the locals are more familiar with.

I’ve tried them all as well (almost). My 2 cents:

  1. South Indian - Amma’s kitchen. Ambience and service quality leaves a lot to be desired. But the food is S. Indian authentic for the most part.

  2. North Indian - Mik 2 and Mik 8.

  3. Pockets loaded with cash and out for a great ambience and drinks with Indian finger
    Food - saffron Xinyi hands down.


Have you tried Taj? This is an older shop that, unusually, actually got better over the years. Kudos to them for getting on Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list. In Taipei, I think only Joseph’s Bistro (in a league of its own) and Saffron in Tienmu have received this sort of recognition.

EDIT: Credit to @McNulty for beating me to the punch!



Balle Balle is also my fav, awesome place.

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I went on my own to Saffron 46 on Thursday for research purposes related to this thread, because I care about you guys. I skipped the starters, which don’t seem to attract me for some reason, and just had something like a saag gosht with a quite delicious raiti and a perfect nan bread. I also had a dirty martini and a Vesper martini (which was seriously yummy!). Actually, it was the best martini I’ve ever had.

The whole lot came to around 2,300NT, which I think is fair value for money for such high quality. I was one of a very few men in there as Saffron seems to be very much for ladies what lunch. It wasn’t a hardship being surrounded by very glamorous Taiwanese women of a certain age, though.


Watch your language! : D

Love the research report though. Thank you!


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Is that the one hidden away in some 70’s shopping mall? I liked it! But the ambience! Well… not that many restaurants have that quality here!

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Yes… I’ve come across this in restaurants here: too salty or healthier (is the other excuse). Like one of my rather smart young students noted: if it doesn’t taste good or isn’t healthy… who’s gonna want to eat it?

This is why many restaurants serve rather lukewarm synthetic versions of international fare, and I don’t eat out as often as I would like: I can often make the dishes better at home myself just by reading the recipe.

We had Lemon Greek Chicken last week in a supposedly ‘greek’ restaurant - No lemons in the chicken, no olives, too. I admit it could be a different recipe… but it was half roasted - half en papillote (who’d have figured) with a layer of super salty veggies and weirdly colored gravy. Not impressed. Waitress said “customers preferred a healthy version!” … well, I won’t be ordering it again. Other dishes were fine, though.

This thread gave me a craving, and hearing that you have to specify 印度人口味 killed that craving. :sweat_smile:


Lol, yeah I was thinking the same thing.

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This place is good as well, Nanjing Dong Lu… also Pakistani/Indian.

RESTAURANTS: Ali Baba’s Indian Kitchen - Taipei Times

I went to Taj last week with four friends and none of us thought it was anything to write home about. I in fact thought it was quite mediocre tbh.

Not sure how they made that list, but I am always suspicious of these things anyway

Which Indian (or Pakistani) places have you enjoyed?


See the top of this post for my favorite places around Taipei