Indian restaurants in Taipei

There seems to be more and more Indian restaurants opening up but they are about as authentic as the Irish pubs in Taiwan.

The Oberoi was appaling give it a miss!

Anybody know which is the best Indian
(in Taipei)?

DON’T go to the new Indian Restaurant on the corner of Yongkang and Aiguo! It’s a cute little house and says ‘Indian food’ on the sign.
But don’t eat there! God, it sux! Horrific! Putrid! Foul and vile excuse for Indian food…Yuk!
Although the decor is delightful, and it appears their lassis are pleasant, the actual food is the same as you could get anywhere else selling ‘curry’. And it has less flavour. What a disappointment, but certainly no more of a disappointment than Curria. At least, like I said, the atmosphere is lovely. But whoever heard of getting a salad bar and tempura fried veggies with your $250 curry?

I still say that Tandoor is the only decent Indian Restaurant in town…which may be nothing compared to what you get in HK or Singapore, but for Taipei, at least it’s more authentic than all the other crap out there.

There’s a Burmese restaurant in the alleys behind Roosevelt and Xinsheng called Royal Town. The food is pretty good but they do an excellent Beef Curry with huge lumps of beef and whole potatoes. Not cheap. The large curry is NT$500 but it’s more than enough for two. Sorry this is not really an Indian restaurant but we’re rather stuck for good curries in the south end of Taipei (as elsewhere i s’pose).

The best curry house in town bar none is the Hindustan, located in a lane off Fu Hsing b[/b] N.Rd just north of Minsheng E.Rd (It is more or less directly behind the Sherwood).

The restaurant is run by a family of Bengali Chinese who moved here from Calcutta about 6 years ago.

The lentil soup and palak paneer at Himalaya (#97/1 Yenping North Road sec. 2) are much better than at Ali Baba’s, in my opinion. Himalaya’s tandoori chicken is a bit dry. Not everything on the menu is always available, but the service is very good.

I found a pretty good, but very simple halal curry restauant on a lane between ChungHsiao and Pate Rds, perhaps 100m in from Jinshan Sth Rd. They have a pleasant candlelit seating area and the boss was very polite.

Last time I looked, they served 3 different curries, which all seemed to be quite mild, for between $100-120/bowl.

More info soon, ok?



Tandoor Restaurant is expensive, but the food is great! The address can be found in any restaurant listings. (newspapers etc.) They have a weekend lunch buffet I have not yet tried and serve Kingfisher lager, which is a nice change from the usual beer.

Although I have considered Tandoori to be the best in Taiwan, I must say that there prices aren’t very reasonable, I ate their the other night for $1,000 for 2(no drinks) and discovered I still could have ordered a couple more dishes to satisfy us. The Vindaloo was so small I could barely scrape enough curry onto my naan bread. How can a little dish of curry cost $300. I think I will explore new Indian joints. For the money, I would rather go to an all you can eat Thai place.

Yes, the Tandoor is about as good as it gets here, but the price and portion size makes it not good enough.

Going to university with a number of Indian friends, I noticed that their home cooking was enormously better than most of what was on offer in UK Indian restaurants, which themselves are far superior to what’s available here.

There is sometimes an impression that Indian cooking is difficult and nothing could be farther from the truth. Armed with the right spices, a good spice grinder, and any good recipe (try Madhur Jaffrey’s) it’s easy to make Indian food that’s far better than the pre-cooked, one-sauce-fits all varities found in most restaurants.

This isn’t quite the topic I know, but for anyone holding out for yummy Indian food may I suggest taking yourself down to Trinity Indian Supplies near SYS Memorial hall and give it a try.

Last week I made bhindi bhaji again (great bumper packs of okra at Costco) and drove my boyfriend hunger mad with the smell. :slight_smile:

Where’s the Indian restaurant in Taichung?


My favorite Indian restaurant is The Spice Shop in Tien Mu b[/b].

Great food, good friendly service and the prices are reasonable for the big portions.

And as far as I know, no one from Glossika eats there.

Tien Mu b[/b]East Rd.
Lane 50, Alley 10
No. 6, 1 Fl.

Tel: 2873-7775

You can buy them in Wellcome now!

Spice Shop is good… there Daal is too good very close to real thing

I’m surprised more of you haven’t piped up for the Himalaya (Mark, what you doing ?) - in the alley of Yan Ping North near Min Sheng (or is it Min Quan ?).

What’s more Deepak is totally open to popping your order into a taxi to have it delivered to your door (of course you pay for the cab).

I got him to cater for my wedding and he did a magnificent job - great price and brilliant spread.

RE: [quote]Where’s the Indian restaurant in Taichung [/quote]

Try this URL:

Haven’t been for awhile but the Spice Shop I across from the Grand Formosa Hotel. at 健行路1066號; (1066 Chien [Jian] Hsing [Xing] Rd).
TEL:(04) 2327-2767 was reliable. I see they’ve opened a second.



There is a website called which has some
helpful tips and some good recipes. This one I used most often.
But if you go to Yahoo’s Search Engine, there are so, so many
different websites, alot of them new, under the heading Indian

I liked Indian Delicacies as they would answer your questions if you
wrote them. Good luck with your cooking journey!

Noticed an Indian restaurant I hadn’t spotted before. Its on Xinsheng S. Rd., a block or two south of Zhongxiao (I think) on the east side of the street. Has a cobra on its signboard. I was on the wrong side of the road, so I couldn’t see in. Anyone been there? What’s it like?

Have eaten at both Kunmin and Tandoor.

4 Pax: NT$3000 (we had two heinies :shock: )
Food: (jury is still out)
Portions: Small (Barbie would still be hungry after a handful)
Proprietor: was keen on selling as many beers as possible, without ever inquiring if everything was OK)

4 Pax: NT$1500 (no beer) BYOB so add NT$250
Food: good
Portions: large enough for four to have enough of each dish
Proprietor: Nice guy. He rounds off the bill in our favor. Tells us when we have ordered enough)

Note the past tense I use for the Tandoor.

Hi Sandman, yes, i popped in there for a try-out a couple of weeks back. It is really just a bian dang type of place with chicken legs served with a biryani styled rice (which is surprisingly good!). But the whole deal is nothing special i’m sorry to say.

Have you tried the Bhurmese place “Royal Town”? It is in the alleys behind Hsin-Sheng and Roosevelt. They serve standard Bhurmese fare but their Beef Curry is superb; with huge chunks of beef and whole spuds soaked in the juices (so they get the orange tinge right through). Not cheap (NT$500) for curry for two. I often get takeaway and run home!

I tried the Hindustan today - fairly spicy, but no actual taste that I could discern. Bland boring crap in fact. I won’t be back.

The best curry house in Taipei seems to have stopped opening.

I heard on the grapevine that Ali, who runs the place, had been arrested on immigration charges.

Does anyone know the score?