What do you have to do to find some Veuve in Neihu these days?

Costco: Only Kirkland brand champagne and a bunch of new world sparklers.

Carrefour: Some outrageously priced Piper and some EU sparklers.

RT Mart: Mumm’s, which I picked up two bottles of, but only because I was getting exasperated with running around…

So the question is: Where is all the Veuve Clicquot at these days??? Used to be able to find it at all three of these readily in the past…

Down to City Super or Breeze then, I suppose. End of rant. Thanks everyone.

I bought Veuve Cliquot at Costco Neihu today. The bottles are beautifully packed in their own boxes, I paid around NTD 1790 per bottle, there weren’t that many in stock, so best to go asap if you’d like to purchese!

Thanks! We did finally have some from the Breeze Center, but your recommendation is just in time for New Year’s!

Don’t understand the scarecity, since it has always been readily available at Costco in the past. :ponder: