What do you think is harder to learn, Taiwanese (not Mandarin!) or Cantonese?

Google Translate only has Mandarin. Bing has Cantonese but not Taiwanese Hokkien. IDK any translating site with Taiwanese Hokkien

The thread title doesn’t really match the OP, but I will answer to the title and my interpretation of the OP.

There are a few people here who are impressively fluent in Taiwanese so I leave the professional answers to them. Mine is that of a perpetual beginner.

There is no comparison IMO between the two as far as learning resources are concerned. Just Google “learn Cantonese” and you will find tons of audio books, online courses, blogs, etc. There is nothing organic like a modern beginner to advanced course on Taiwanese; just piecemeal information like videos, old typewritten books or the typical local courses with one sentence in Mandarin and one in Taiwanese without grammar explanations.

I’m the kind of person who needs method and grammar when I start learning a language. This is why I became quite fluent in Cantonese years back, but gave up on Taiwanese long ago. I can only understand and say the few sentences and expressions that I have been hearing over and over.


Wiktionary has Hokkien pronunciations of characters, but you need to know linguistic denotations (which I don’t).

This is an interesting topic because I actually learned both languages but can’t seem to speak both fluently. I was brought up by my grand mother whom taught me Taiwanese (not mandarin). From the age of 10-17, I learned Cantonese living with my uncle’s family because they couldn’t speak Mandarin. Upon learning Cantonese, I was not able to speak Taiwanese and every time when I try to speak Taiwanese, Cantonese would come out, but I am able to understand both. It’s a weird dynamic and I believe the two languages may have clashes.