What Do You Use PRIMARILY To Talk On Forumosa

  • Computer (Mac)
  • Computer (Windows)
  • Computer (Android)
  • Computer (other)
  • Tablet (iPad)
  • Tablet (Windows)
  • Tablet (Android)
  • Smartphone (iPhone)
  • Smartphone (Windows)
  • Smartphone (Android)
  • Other

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What’s up with all the polls?

I’m slower in responding using a smartphone that people (or myself) on computer.

Good subject for a poll.


Already on it.

I don’t have a phone :unamused:

talk, is that what we do?

I use a Windows 6.1 PDA.

From Forumosa’s Google Analytics November Month-to-Date

From 1 to 28 Nov - Top 50 out of 105 Types of Mobile Devices used:


Desktop drops off on weekend.

What’s up with all the Huawei devices? #3

Shout-out to the 5 people using a CAT phone. Hit me up :relaxed:


I was also very triggered by this.

Saw these for sale the other day. Didn’t know there was such a thing.

One of us is confused.

Does this count?


I just found out they were a thing the other day. The commercial made it seem like you need to be some hardcore construction worker or special operations military dude to own and one.

Idk even know what I meant by that @tango42

FNAC at Xinyi has them.

I was trying to look at numbers of likes/read posts and under “read” I was not sure if that means people whom viewed my posts or ? G?

I use phone ,iPad and pc
There’s no multiple choice