What documents are needed to be put on spouses ARC?


My foreign partner and I (also foreign, both Canadian) are getting married and are trying to find out what documents are needed for wife/husband to get on spouces ARC. All the other posts seem to mostly deal with foreigner marrying local.

Also, do I have to go to Taipei to do this? Where is the office in Taipei? Last time I got an ARC I went to Hualien (I live in Ilan).

Please don’t reply if you don’t know the specific requirments, we have already heard many incorrect “guesses” from friends.


well you would have to prove you are married

If you get married in Taiwan, then the Taiwan marriage license should do
If you get married abroad then the Taiwan office in that country would have to stamp it

I believe that if your company/school got the ARC for you then they should be able to apply also for the residence visa and thus get the ARC for the spouse.
You don’t get on the spouse’s ARC, you get a residence visa and ARC based on your marriage to your spouse who is working here and so has a work permit, residence visa and ARC.
The residence visa would be classified as a Joining Family Residence Visa
I also think the spouse applying for the residence visa would have to do a health check