What documents do I need to extend work-based ARC

Hi everyone,

I’ve read through as many threads about extending work based ARCs. Didn’t quite find what I am looking for.

If anyone has done this recently I would appreciate your input.

As I understand, to extend a work based ARC, I should bring

  1. Cancel contract/contract termination agreement
  2. Current ARC
  3. Passport and photocopy
  4. Photo of myself
  5. Application form

Am I missing anything?

I read a website that also said I need to bring the “Employment contract”.

Is this true?

If so, is the “Employment Contract “ the English contract I sign with my school or is it a Chinese document?

Thank you

Hi, just want to update this for future reference of other foreigners wanting to extend their ARC after contract termination.

The application Classification I checked is [2 EXTENSION FOR ARC].
Application Type is [9 Other] and had the staff write as reason that I am looking for work, on the [Full Name of…/Other] space.

These are correct. Make sure to go to NIA within 15 days of Cancel Contract signing. The photo must be passport size (refer to NIA requirements for the specifics).

I also submitted a Certificate of Employment stating my Start and Last Working Date.

I brought other documents as well such as Work Permit, Resident/Apartment Contract, but these were not required.

The staff mentioned that they will give me six months extension. I was prepared to pay NT$1,000 but interestingly, I didn’t have to pay anything. Not quite sure why. Maybe it is because my original ARC had 3 years validity (higher fees for more years) but I only completed about half the duration.

Hope this helps!