What does he mean? "I'm sure I'll see you around before too long though"?


Hello everyone! I hope you guys can help me out a little bit!

There is a guy I met three months ago. We did this language exchange thing. (once a week, German-English, my mother tongue is German.) He was really kind, came to my part of the town all the time and answered my email never later than a day, etc.

After a month, I started to have feelings for him and I didn’t know what to do or how to show him. I felt like he felt the same. Later, I realized I needed to be abroad for a couple of months from March to August, I told him, and he suddenly stopped “our meeting”. I didn’t think too much at first because it was soon Christmas. His emails were still very kind, writing things like “Hopefully catch up soon”.

So, after holidays I wrote to him again, asking if he wanted to continue “our meeting”. He then immediately wrote back, unfortunately he would be mega busy the next few months because of conferences and new projects. I know he is busy, but somehow I felt like he didn’t want to see me anymore.

In the end, he wrote, “Otherwise it’d be fun to carry on with the German practice. I’m sure I’ll see you around before too long though! Best wishes” What happened? What did he mean? What should I do?


sounds like he is busy


hard to tell, could be a lot of things.


It’s just a common courteous way to stop doing language exchange. Like “see you later” or “see you next time”. No commitment. It could be a million reasons. Maybe he found new LE partner, maybe he doesn’t like you, maybe he loves you so much he can’t see you anymore.

But probably doesn’t like you. I’ve dumped LE partners that started liking me, and I have LE partners dump me because I started liking them :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your reply! I think he likes me or at least was interested in me. And I’m sure he is single. That’s why I was really surprised that he doesn’t seem to want to see me anymore after I told him, I will be away from March. There are still 2 months left. And with the sentence “I’m sure I’ll see you around not before too long though”, I don’t understand. To me, “see you around” means “see you later”. And the sentence he wrote is a little more than that, but maybe I just really want to see him…


I think he is really busy and isn’t lying. But I am just confused because of the sentence “I’m sure I’ll see you around before too long though”. Does he mean after I’m back we might continue? Or is it just a regularly sign off in English and doesn’t mean anything more than a “Goodbye”?


maybe ask him about it? i’m not sure what you are expecting from some random people online.


Well, I feel like he tries to make it vague on purpose, but again my mother tongue is not English. So I’m wondering if it sounds like a “goodbye” or “I hope to see you later” to you guys…


Usually if a man is interested, he will try to see you, call you or text you, if he does not then he is not interested. Wait and see if he contacts you.


you can try to ask him what he meant? whats the harm if you like him? i don’t think you are going to find your answers on here.


Maybe you can ask him to hang out for coffee to catch up and see how he replies.