What does it take to be fired from Hess? (Especially during pandemic)

Hey, I love my job and my students however one of the Taiwanese teachers (He’s been at the school for years) seems to really have it in for me. He is constantly negative and from last week he has started to completely ignore me even if I ask a question face to face. This has been happening for months but got worse recently. I spoke to the manager who confirmed he knows the issue but won’t tell me, but hinted it’s something to do with the way I plan my classes and thinks i’m ill-prepared. (I am a good teacher, never late, never taken a day off and all the work gets done every lesson and i’m very friendly to everybody there).

As he’s been there longer and spends a lot of time with the manager of the school and is friendly to all other teachers, i’m starting to get extremely paranoid about being let go. This sucks for many reasons, yet the main ones being the current pandemic if I have to leave Taiwan and the other being that I don’t have a lot of savings.

So my question is, what does it actually take to get fired from Hess? Is it only for extreme reasons or could it be anything?

Many thanks

Is the school owned directly by HESS or is it a franchisee?

I believe it’s a franchisee

I have no input, but what a great manager you have (not)!

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You should have a senior teacher at HESS head office who will sort this out. Did you get assigned one during training?

Try to get a transfer.
The policy against transferring is not set in stone. Less teachers coming in. Maybe they can use you elsewhere.

Why do Taiwanese do that behavior. It’s so passive aggressive. It is wrong to be assertive here. The way I dealt with this was to spoil the other staff. They got so jealous they starting treating me good again. Super mean but screw them. Life’s short, get the heck out of my way.


I wasn’t given any training, I was just put into the classes. The only senior person I know is the manager of the school, he’s nice but very money focused.

I actually love the school i’m working at, this is just one teacher who is like this with me. He never speaks to me but speaks to everybody but when I try to speak to him I get a one word bland answer. However I tried to just ignore it and focus on my job. As of last week however I just get totally ignored, even when asking important questions about classes.

I get along with all of my colleges except this one person. It’s been happening for a long time. I don’t really want to be passive aggressive back or provoke anything seen as wrong doing from my side as to not get fired

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That’s odd. I thought all HESS teachers underwent a week of training.

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I had a school like that years ago.
Don’t want to be a downer but it didn’t go well, the school admin took the side of the full time Taiwanese teacher. Didn’t say a word about my performance until the second last week. Luckily it was my one day a week part time gig that I didn’t care if I lost or not. That same week my full time employer reupped my contract and said they were happy with me.

I’d start looking for something else if I was you. Shouldn’t be too hard these days. Especially if your boss isn’t supporting you.

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Oh damn, that sucks but luckily it was just one day a week.

So they fired you? Did you get anything such as payment for them firing you? Like end of the month salary?

Your manager is blowing smoke. Screw that guy if he doesn’t want to work with you. Your job is safe. I’m actually surprised to hear that anyone enjoyed their first year of teaching.


Just spitballing, but if you’re a moderately attractive female, that could have something to do with it, and it’s not going to get better, but probably won’t get worse. Just don’t do anything to get him in trouble unless he makes it where you’re unable to do your job or behaves threateningly. It could just be he doesn’t like someone coming to Taiwan and making more more than him as well. Taiwanese assistant English teacher isn’t a highly respected job for a male.

It seems to take a lot to get fired from anywhere. Having a bad attitude seems to be the leading cause. Being completely inept or a general pain are tied for second, though those often last more than a year. Breaking school rules is next.
About the danger of leaving Taiwan, don’t worry about it. If you get fired, get a contract termination letter dated on your last day, and within 3 days go to the immigration office and apply for an extension. You can get 2 months for free or 6 for $1000. That will give you plenty of time to find a new job or just chill. You can get an additional 6 month extension if needed. So you’re not going anywhere unless you want to.
Were it me, I’d probably give notice (a month is probably required) and look for another job, at a good not-chain school. But you should make that choice soon because good schools will have positions filled soon. My school had 3 openings, but they always fill them very early if they can find someone fast enough.
Quitting or fired, if they give you any trouble about your salary, report them to the Ministry of Labor, who will help you deal with the case. Large established schools tend to follow the rules because they know the trouble it can cause if they don’t. The worst they might try to do is deduct a penalty if you quit before giving sufficient notice, though that’s not strictly allowed either and they’ll give in if pushed.

Did someone resurrect a thread from the 90s?

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No payment of any kind, but it was a one day only side job so I wasn’t too fussed.
Now, as far as HESS goes, I would highly doubt they would fire you mid contract. The issue will likely be non-renewal at contract end if they go that route. But of course if the environment gets toxic, you will likely want to change jobs anyway. It is highly unlikely they would let you go now since they would have to get a new teacher and train them, and for most bosses they don’t want the trouble.

The only reason I’m saying this is because of your managers reaction. If he had said, yes I’ve heard things but its a non issue, then all is well. The fact that he is hiding what is being said but yet at the same time is telling you there is an issue doesn’t bode well to me.


Yes. Your manager gave you the wrong reaction.
Though you may think things are going okay you could find yourself in the middle of a discussion you are the odd man out.
Find out what’s going on or look for another place.

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