What does "resignation effective May 10th" mean?


i am wondering what that sentence means: does it mean the person will not come on May 10th (and finish on the 9th of May), or May 10th is their last day that they will work.


May 9th is the last day of work.

It’s ambiguous; that’s why many careful writers will state that their ‘last working day is xx’.

It could mean the resignation is effective from that date and that the last day of work would be whatever the contract sets out in terms of notice of termination. Some contracts provide that upon notice of termination by the employee, the employee does not work again nor enter the premises. For example, the securities industry. Of course in Taiwan it could mean anything. Try adding “subject to contract” to the end of that, just to fuck with the lawyers. Unless you’re paying costs. My these Heinekens are lasting rightly.

I’m with maoman, but I agree it could be interpreted differently, especially if it’s in a chabuduo Chinglish contract.

It means if their coffee mug is still in the lunchroom on 10 May its up for grabs.