What does "suqiu mubiao" mean?

I 've seen the phrase 訴求目標 several times, and it seems to be business/marketing term. I have a general idea of what it means, but the specific English eludes me, since I’m not familiar with ‘business English’ jargon.

Is ther any website that is useful for business terms? The Chinese online dictionaries i’ve seen don’t seem to be too au fait with business terms and are not very up-to-date.


damn, how come the characters came out in the post, but not in the title?
Is there any way to avoid that?

Googling it, I’ve seen it translated at “target segments” and “goals”.
Perhaps just “state goals”/“stated objectives” will work?

That meaning seems to fit. I googled it and didn’t find anyand English, so I’ll bow to your superior google-fu.