What exactly does the "self health monitoring" period after quarantine mean?

With the good news that the quarantine period will be reduced from seven to three days from tomorrow (although this could actually be four days in reality if you arrive early on the first day), I was wondering what exactly the following four-day “self health monitoring” period really means?

The article above says it’s just to go out to buy necessities. Would you get into trouble for meeting up with friends or taking an MRT to go to a park or use a gym?

Also, does Taiwan have designated “quarantine hotels” or can you stay anywhere? And can you change where you stay after the quarantine period/during “self health monitoring”?

I’ll just leave this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/taiwan/comments/vba8nh/stupid_new_rule_for_quarantine/
Conclusion: No one really knows.


If you don’t have your own place with a dedicated bathroom, you must use a quarantine hotel. One on the list. Not sure where the list is

Just tell your friends to self-health monitor after you met with them.

Everyone self-health monitors themselves every day. Well, everyone except babies and people in comas, etc.
Why not just say, “Don’t eat in restaurants or attend events with over 10 people.”

I’ve been looking into this as I/we will be off the island next month. Upon return we (living together) can do the full 3 + 4 at our condo. With the “4” period meaning leaving the condo only for essentials.
If I end up traveling solo, upon return I must Q in a designated hotel for the full 7 days, as I wouldn’t be allowed to return to our 1 bathroom condo for the final "4’.
Also, I’ve read that Q hotels are trying to disallow Q guests from leaving the hotel for essentials (i.e. food) during the “4” period as their employees may be exposed to the Big C upon the guests return to the hotel.
Freakin’ Crazy !!

Find an AirBnB which allows you to quarantine. Cheaper and more freedom.

I just saw this:

Towards the end of the article it states that during the “4” period at a Q hotel, you may come and go for essentials, inc. work. Negative antigen test results must be had every 2 days however.
Re: Air BnBs for Q, I’m sure they’d have to be approved by the gov’t. Do you know of where one could find this info? Thanks

Is just political idea to calm down panic Taiwanese

Well, there we go. I couldn’t have put it more articulately myself.

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In my case my landlord will make a contract with my girlfriend (outside of airbnb). Then she will just let me live there the first 7 days and stay at home. So I am basically just staying at her place as the only person. Not sure if that would also work if the contract is on your name, but why not? Then you basically just quarantine at home.

The only reason for arrivals to go through quarantine now to me seems fear of introducing badder strains into the country, otherwise what the freakin F are we trying to achieve here when its spreading like wildfire already?

lt feels like trying to keep the bathroom window shut to prevent rain from coming in when the bathtub is overflowing.

What am l missing¿

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You foreigners think too much. Don’t think too much

Perhaps it’s a deliberate attempt to hold off the BSA4/5 strains so the CECC can maintain its grip on power longer. Why enter the endemic stage and lose all validity when you can grasp for power one last time?