What exactly is a "Head Teacher", anyway?

I’m curious, are any of you out there head teachers at bushibans? If so, what do you do on a day to day basis, and is it worth the headache? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I thank you very much for your help.

mjnemesis, I suggest you ask your boss what’s involved. If you boss is a slack arse, then you’ll be doing his job, if he’s not, you’ll probably just be the go between from the boss to the workers. The white face that can be seen through the window. Some responsibilities you might be lucky enough to get are : hiring and firing, doing the demo’s that no one will do on Saturday mornings, filling in when someone is sick, typing up useless memo’s, listening to complaints and telling the teachers that you’ll act on them. Possibly many more too, and for all that, your boss will probably throw an extra few grand a month into your pack packet.

Thanks, Amos. I inquired, and the “head teacher” job seems to include all of the things that no one else wishes to do. It sounds nice for a resume, but it’s just not worth it. I’ll stick with hourly pay and probably earn more and maintain more sanity. Thanks again for your advice!

Head Teacher, shite, that would be me, or perhaps I am a manager, supervisor, leader, or some other title.

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Well… An English Teacher teaches English, so a Head teacher teaches…

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[quote=“Boss Hogg”]Head Teacher, shite, that would be me, or perhaps I am a manager, supervisor, leader, or some other title.[/quote]I think you would be under ‘some other title’

In Taiwan, I suspect the title is often applied to the teacher who has been at a particular school the longest.

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