What forms of discrimination do different groups of working women face in Taiwan?

Hey everyone,

I am currently writing a research essay which explores the discrimination faced by different groups of women within Taiwan.

The following are the groups I am hoping to explore:

  • Married mothers who are Taiwanese
  • Single mothers who are Taiwanese
  • Unmarried, younger women who are Taiwanese
  • Middle aged foreign looking women working in Taiwan
  • Younger foreign looking women working in Taiwan

The questions I am hoping to get some answers to are:

  • What sector do you or your co-worker/friend work in?
  • What is your or your co-worker/friend’s level of education?
  • Have you faced any sort of discrimination within the workforce? If yes, was it related to your race, to your marital status, or to your gender?
  • Have you seen your co-workers or friends who fall into these categories face discrimination in the workforce? If yes, was it related to their race, their marital status, or their gender?
  • Do middle aged women face difficulties greater than their younger counterparts in getting hired? Does this discrimination occur due to your/their age, or your/their experience?
  • Do mothers find it hard to find child-care for their children?

Thank you in advance for your help!