What happened to the GOP?

A comparison of parties:

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But then, without pointing it out, why would they change?

This has been part of the dem problem, GOP doesn’t change in part because dems don’t do a good job of marketing their policy, and contrasting the 2 parties. They typically think it’s enough to just ‘do good’ and it will speak for itself.

Meanwhile GOP bullfrogs spend all their time spinning reality.

Hopefully now after we’ve seen how low the GOP will go, dems will start to get this aspect of politics a little better.

I would say, grant Texas a secession. The lone state with the lone star, lone grid.

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Well turning it democrat was already within reach, this focus might help accelerate things.

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I’d pin the turning point on the tea party taking over the agenda of the party around 2009-2010. Bush was so terrible that the party had to save face by clinging to an issue they pretended to care about like the debt. Of all times you should engage fiscal stimulus, the recession seems like a good one to me. Nonetheless, railing against debts and deficits was good cover for the disillusioned mostly white republican party as shown by some of the overtly racist messaging and popularity of birthism at the time.

Once the tea party won seats they became the party of “no” and backed themselves into an ideological corner by turning bipartisanship/compromise into a dirty word. This wave took over the party as incumbents were in fear of being primaried and made for poor governance once they took the majority. If your whole platform is defined by having no policy and instead scape goating democrats, immigrants, leftists, antifa, transgender, and woke millennials then clearly white blue collar populism is the natural recourse.


That’s actually less than I thought, more divided than I thought.

In a new Suffolk University– USA Today poll of Trump voters released on Sunday, nearly half — 46 percent to 27 percent — say they’d ditch the GOP for another if the twice impeached Trump were at the helm.

Also, over 50 percent of respondents said the GOP should be “more loyal to Trump.” And 58 percent believe the lie that the January 6th attack on the Capitol was “mostly an antifa-inspired attack that only involved a few Trump supporters.”

Not sure if @mups knows this is satire…

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McConnell knows full well that insults and stunts are no substitute for planning and policy, even in today’s GOP.

For all the fanfare that the Trump-McConnell battle has received over the past two weeks, the ultimate referendum on who will guide the party won’t come for at least a year, until GOP Senate primaries begin unfolding in earnest. And McConnell’s willingness to wade into GOP primaries this cycle against Trump-backed candidates he sees as unelectable presages brutal internecine battles over control of the Senate on the Republican side.


Clean them out.