What happened to the Last 24 hours

No, I haven’t been drinking too much (well, at least that’s not the reason for this post).

There used to be a little button up top you could click to see all the posts made in the last 24 hours. Is that gone forever? I didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere in the Feedback forum, but maybe I missed it…

at the front forum page (segue.com.tw/3/index.php),
you see a “View post from the previous” and a drop down box (or whatever you call those thingies) with the options 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks…etc. if select 1 Day and press the “Go” button, you’ll get
the post made in the last 24 hours.

Thanks. Not quite the same format (that is, you don’t get to read the first few lines of the post), but it’s better than nothing.

Yeah Jeff, I use to use that all the time, and hope that it can be brought back.

Thanks for your support. Thought I was the only one! It really was my favorite way of browsing posts.

You like the format of the Past 24 Hour link? I’m sorry, I didn’t check first if there would be a difference

I think it is a “simple search” for all posts but limited to the last 24 hours

I plan to update the view recent drop down. Let me know what you think of this newer version (later this week)

Good work Gus, you’re doing a bloody good job.

It’s back. Thanks!

hmm…but does it work? when i tried the 24 hour thing…didn’t give me any posts…? :?:

Is it free to change you avatar and title, providing you own them? Or do you need to pay again each time you want to change either?

It did for a little while, but now it’s not working.

The 24 hour/view recent thing isn’t there at the moment. This is unfortunate because my browser crashes from time to time, causing my “posts since last visit” list to disappear.