What Happened?

Is everything ok? The forums have been wonky or offline all day. I’ve been lost without @shiadoa’s banter.

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Think of poor @shiadoa ‘s nurses, they haven’t had Forumosa to distract him


Down for me too. Hope this means good things coming.

You’re a mod. You don’t know? Surely someone has an idea here. I thought you guys were either DoS attacked by a hacker, or there were some hosting issues, or you were doing that server move you discussed months ago.

Yeah, I’m a mod, not an administrator. We don’t have access to the site’s inner workings or site hosting/maintenance. We’re just as confused as you are. Mods are only given forum tools to work internally, but the admins are above the mods. I don’t actually have the ability to change aspects of the actual site. Just the posts inside. For example, I can’t create new categories like Food and Drink

I guess that means you guys weren’t working on the site or changing hosts. So maybe a denial of service attack by some Chinese hacker? :man_shrugging:

That’s right. We have nothing to do with the site, we just have rights to manage internal content.

Please don’t do it, we already have one like that. Maybe exactly the same.


Servers sometimes have bad days; connections with DBs, wonky server level hardward. It happens.

It just came up for me (sometime in the last twenty minutes), and I’ve checked periodically over the past 24 hours. Safari told me that it could not contact the server.

How long have we truly been up? Have others been able to access?

I figured it was some update to the code. I’m on an XP machine at the moment (:dizzy_face:), and lots of sites are iffy for me, as there haven’t been any updates for ages.

Some of the topics have timestamps of 4 and 5hrs, but I suspect those times refer to when the database was updated, not to when the posters actually replied with their posts.

I think the server connection was lost at the same time some posts were left in limbo. Those posts were collected and added to the database 4 or 5 hours ago by somebody in admin. When the server came back up, the date/time stamps were just copied over.

This is just my guess, as I have no idea how Discourse behaves irl. I wonder if the server connection was blocked purposely while @GooseEgg managed to accomplish his update, or if it was lost for some other reason.

In any case, that’s two significant hiccups within the last week. Weird.

I just thought that when A plugged Taiwaneasy back in , he short- circuited Forumosa :joy: .Hello boys :wink:


I think that the outage had absolutely and utterly nothing to do with the PRC and HK situation :blush::face_with_raised_eyebrow: and I apologize for even considering that Pooh Bear would try to screw any comms up by interfering in any way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It was the signal to get out of HK. The troops are coming soon.

I nearly had a heart attack yesterday as I couldn’t get access here. The thought of apparatchiks of Beidahe spying on me was less alarming than diving off a plane.

So were the Tips, PSPs, etc., collateral damage from the weekend’s outage? They seem to have disappeared.

What happened over the weekend? @tempogain

I switched off the Tips so we can observe what the stability is like for a couple days. When we turn it on again, we will see if the slowdown happens.

I reported the slowdown of last Friday and Saturday to Discourse and asked if they had any server issues. They said no, and suggested it could have been a wonky CDN node, i.e., something neither of us can do anything about except wait for the problem to correct itself, I guess.

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I have re-started the Tips. Please let me know if you seem to experience a slowdown in the website

Looks like some avatars are not loading. This happened prior to last weekend’s “slowdown,” too. Here’s an example of Icon’s avatar.

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