What happenned to my HTC DCMI?

I recently had to reload Windows 7 and now I find that my computer doesn’t recognize my HTC DCMI wherwith I used to download pics I wanted to keep and boot the crap. Now I find DCMI doesn’t exist anymore. I did a universal computer search for DCMI and my computer comes up with something like c:old.windows dah dah dah which doesn’t exist.
Can someone just help me get the “not wanted” photos off my cell and onto my computer. My marriage may depend on it. Just kidding but . . . I can see that happening somewhere and someplace.
EDIT: I finally figured it out. Keep in mind I am tech illiterate and can barely tell the difference between a control and an alt key.
For those of you who may have the same problem, exit from “Sync Manager” and you will find HDCMI or what ever the f. it is called in your menu.
Sorry for the panic button.