What happens if you drive your electric scooter into a flood?

Before they radically improved the drainage, our village would be practically under water and you could find yourself in water a bit too deep.
Happened to me. All that was necessary to fix it was some new filters and some drying out.
But what about today’s electric scooter. There’s a lot of amperage in those batteries. Are we destined to be electrocuted?
What are the safeguards and what needs to be fixed if possible to have it back on the road again?


It depends entirely on the specific scooter. It’s very easy to damage electronics (especially modern electronics, with their tiny package sizes and lead pitch), but modern automotive engineering takes account of that. You can expect PCBs to be conformally coated and all of the critical components to be sealed to at least IP67, which means no water is going to get into a place where it can do damage even in the case of immersion.

OTOH there’s immersion, and there’s immersion. If your scooter literally ends up underwater for several hours, it’s probably FUBAR. Moisture entering connectors, for example, can cause enough damage over time to cause eventual failure, even if it’s not noticeable immediately.

There’s no danger of electrocution because (a) it’s virtually impossible to complete a current path with your body parts, water or no; and (b) there aren’t any high-voltage circuits inside the average scooter anyway (a Gogoro, I think, is nominally 48V, which is quite common).


Stick with petrol. I got a nice increase and out put on my scooter today. Extra fuel and air mix in the carb, larger exhaust. It will be illegal in five years , so enjoying for now. Will get a larger cylinder on it soon, and lose some dead weight. 0 to 70KMH up there with any top range sports car. Will need a rear wheel conversion too. :smiley:
Gas is so cheap here.I will adjust the gears to get some higher top end.


I have read the Gogoro’s are made to be safe to drive in 30cm deep water. It was discussed when there was some flooding last year.

What happens is you will wish you did not have a Go Go.

Good for you as long as you keep the noise level down.


Marginal increase. Noise “cameras” are coming in soon anyway.