what happens if you get a divorce after filing for the APRC, before receiving it?

I went with my husband to file for the APRC 2 days ago- but I still want to get divorced. I tried to not get involved in arguing, but then it got to it again, and we are talking divorce again. We’ve been talking divorce seriously for about a year. But because he bought a house 2 years ago- and we now have to sell the house, he doesn’t want to get divorced before the house is sold. But then yesterday he went irrational again, and started asking me what the hell I went to get the APRC for, if I have already decided I’m leaving. And I said that I deserve it because I did my time here. And at least with that I can still decided later on if I at some point want to come back on my own, and not have all my residency nullified. I don’t think that would be fair.

So question is = as the application form has already been submitted, and is being processed, is there a way that he can really cancel it? Or will it be cancelled automatically the day we file for divorce?

Many thanks in advance.

I honestly think no one can answer you that question, because the stakes are so high and the application fee is quite a lot NT$, so nobody wants to risk this.

If your husband really wants to hurt you … Well, in theory he could notify the NIA about the upcoming divorce. No idea too, what this could mean for your APRC application.

Why this urgent need for a divorce ?
It seems the house has yet not been sold, right ?

Why don’t you just move out and live your life until receiving your APRC ?
It usually takes max 2 months to issue that card.
Another idea, if money allows, go traveling abroad.

Also keep in mind there are few requirements regarding keeping your APRC valid ~ there are other threads regarding this topic.

Good luck and wish you well

It would be better if he didn’t know you’d filed. I divorced between filing and actually picking up the card. Not an issue - but I divorced the morning I picked up the card and I knew it had already been approved and I’d paid for it.

Thanks a lot for the replies. The urgency is that I’m very very tired of the arguing and back and forth over and over again. And I’d just love it to be over with. But, I’d also much more prefer to get my Prc because that way I can still stay and work for a bit before saving up some money to leave. The main reason why I didn’t move out yet is money issues. He kind of controls the money, and we also don’t have any extra as well loose about 700,000 from the house sale.

And my “job” is running the airbnb, which is his other house downtown, which means that until the bookings that have piled up until the end of August have been done I kind of cannot get another job, unless I’d find someone else to run it instead of me.

Jesus, this all sounds terribly complicated. But thanks so much for your replies. Just having someone else comment on this makes me feel a lot better.

Oh yes. And I wasn’t able to apply for the Aprc myself because I needed his bank statement. So… Not really a way of doing it secretly.

I would bite your tongue andDkeep the peace until you receive…it’s not worth risking.

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In the end he realized it would be very destructive to get a divorce before I get the aPrc so he gave rest. Now I went to live elsewhere, I asked him to leave me alone for a month and then talk again.

Thanks for all the replies.