What import charges are there when ordering a new laptop to Taiwan?


I want to order a customized laptop from Europe to me in Taiwan and also a smartphone, but will have it addressed to my Hong Kong registered company as I will use it for my own company. I rent a flat here in Taipei for 3 months, so my Hong Kong company has no steady address here (I will enter my flat address as shipping address, and my company name as receiver).

How about GST/VAT and customs duty etc. will there be a lot of more charges added? Or only the 5 % GST/VAT and that’s it?

There will also be new OS and new software installed on this laptop. Total price around 100,000 TWD.


I don’t know but putting your company name as receiver might not be a good idea probably, it could give you more trouble at customs clearing. Use your name instead. Company names don’t make it easier because it’s a company. And importing Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices will get you some paperwork if they pull your laptop for random inspection.

5-10% + 5% VAT on the total including shipping. Under NT$ 3,000 no import duty.

Software need to be licensed of course.

We recently imported a Bluetooth enabled device from HK and it needed additional documentation and identification of the buyer. No charges.



I need to put my company name as receiver to avoid being charged VAT (25 %) in the source country in Europe.

So there is a chance there will be zero charges (you said you had imported a Bluetooth enabled device from HK)?

It sounds a lot with 15 % extra on top of my purchase price. I’m leaving Taiwan later, going to Malaysia. Do you think it’s a better idea to ship to Singapore and I pick it up there (I think they have 7 % VAT and nothing else, but I’m not sure)? Or go to Langkawi (tax free zone in Malaysia)? Hong Kong is not on my route the next half year, otherwise that would have been the best option of course.


I don’t know if it will apply to you;

“Taiwan is not a member of the Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet system. However, Taiwan has signed bilateral agreements with 41 nations, including the United States, to implement provisions of the ATA Carnet. These agreements grant temporary customs exemptions for commercial samples, professional instruments and equipment, as well as exhibition goods that are brought into Taiwan for sales promotion and exhibition purposes. They facilitate international business by avoiding extensive customs procedures, eliminating payment of import duties and value-added taxes, and replacing the purchase of temporary import bonds. Items must be shipped out of Taiwan within one year of the event’s conclusion to avoid imposition of import tariffs and other taxes.”


It could be worth checking up, thanks for the tip.


I received this reply now from DHL:

1)If it is the name of the company imports .must provide company chapter and document clearance this shipment.And must fill Taiwan address on Airwbill.

If it is the personal name import, need provide personal passport or ID COPY to assist in customs clearance.Whether it is a company or an individual import.Both need import declarations are required to apply import license.

2)Computers and smartphones basically import duty rate of 0%,
There will charge be business tax 5%.
And are the Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau and the State Communications Communications Commission signed the control.The use of the same item input shall not exceed two units, the individual amount is greater than USD1,000 must apply import license.

So it seems only a total of 5 % will be added, but import license needed.


I know this is an old thread, but I just went through this too - so I thought I’d let you all know.

Nirvana is almost correct, just missing one more required document.

  • 5% sales tax (non refundable even if you take it back out the country, I was pretty annoyed about this - I just need the laptop here for a week, then it’s leaving again!)

  • If laptop value is over $1000 USD, then import license required. You can do this yourself, it costs 200NT, but it’s easier to use an agent. This costs 1200NT (on top of the 200NT) and takes a day.

  • If the laptop has wireless capabilities (which obviously it does) - you also need to fill in another document for that. You need to know: Wireless model, frequency bands (most laptops are 2.4ghz and 5ghz) and power output (although this doesn’t seem required, I wasn’t sure of mine)

Be careful though - you can only import ONE of each wireless item. If you are importing two of the same thing, this requires an actual “wireless license” - and will need a further inspection.

So in summary - 5% + 200NT + 1200NT (if you need the agent)



Just to add to this,

I was about to do something similar as I need to get an iMac for work, a split investment between my self and my UK company.
After the accountants and myself looked into it, it was cheeper for me to get it from Apple TW, and bill the uk company.

after all the upgrades I saved around 20000NT over the UK price
including what they could calm back on VAT

the computer was then shipped from abroad due to the upgrades, I assume that as I used the TW website all the import duty and licenses had been taken care of.

by the way the computer, keyboard and mouse all have Bluetooth transmitters, again no extra documents needed.