What is a Labor Insurance Card?

For a government application I need to submit “Copy of labor insurance card with the company’s seal”

Does anyone know what my “labor insurance card” is, and what it is called in Chinese? Labor insurance has been deducted from my salary every month since I started at my job, but I’ve never received a card except for my ARC and health card.

Is there meant to be another card, or is it another type of document?

It’s actually a document, not a card like the ARC or the health card…My company gave it to me when they enrolled me into the labor insurance program…ask your boss or whoever is in charge of labor insurance in your company.

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Ok thanks. I definitely haven’t received one. I’ll ask for it then.

Hopefully my company has actually been paying my labor insurance, rather than keeping the deducted money (that’s what I’m concerned about).


And they are no longer issuing the “card”.


The application form must be outdated. You could ask to the government agency if they really need it.

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Interesting. Appears banks also still ask for it (under “Features of an unsecured loan”)


I’ll email and ask if it’s needed.