What is a Reasonable Tutoring Wage for an Experienced Teacher?

I have 2 years of experience teaching English in South Korea and about 8 months so far teaching in Taipei, Taiwan. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in literature.

I was offered a tutoring position for 2 girls in 6th grade. The starting offer was 600 NT/hour for an hour and a half lesson once a week, so 900 NT per session presumably. I agreed to an interview with the parents soon. I want to negotiate for a better pay to make it worth my while.

What pay rate should I begin bargaining with? What is a reasonable tutoring pay for an experienced teacher? And is 600 NT/hour unreasonably low?

Appreciate any advice.

For 2, NT$ 1000 P/H minimum.

A months worth of lessons should be paid for in advance, as if they cancel you lose the teaching time. If they need to cancel they need to let you know in advance (Time limit to be agreed before), with one chance to reschedule.

I should also mention that the sessions would be done at the parents’ house, if that makes any difference.

Also, I’m not sure about the materials situation, whether they intend on providing them or if they expect me to provide material for each lesson. I suppose that would also affect the pay situation.