What is CANZUK and could it soon be a reality?

If this is going to happen, when could it happen by? 2025? 2030? 2050?

If it happens I can see lots of Brits moving to the other 3 countries (esp. Australia), not so much the other way around.

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How about people moving between Aus, NZ and Canada?

I think many Kiwis already live in Australia for better job opportunities.

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Yes, that’s true. But how about the other directions? The ones where the automatic privilege does not exist now.

Already many English in Aussie (NZ calls anything related to Aus, Aussie), it’s biggest group of immigrants (not Ethnic English but born in England) more so if consider so called UK and Scotland. There are fewer New Zealanders in Aussie recently as the wealth gap has been reduced and also a stronger Kiwi dollar.

Country of birth of Aussie(2019) [273]
Birthplace[N 8] Population
Australia 17,836,000
England 986,460
Mainland China 677,240
India 660,350
New Zealand 570,000
Philippines 293,770
Vietnam 262,910
South Africa 193,860
Italy 182,520
Malaysia 175,920
Sri Lanka 140,260
Scotland 133,920
Nepal 117,870
South Korea 116,030
Germany 112,420
Greece 106,660
United States 108,570
Hong Kong 101,290
Total foreign-born 7,529,57

I hope! I want my UK travel rights back that I lost with Brexit…

Zounds like it really zucks.

I don’t know, man, I like it


An economically feasible means of reducing the necessity of collaboration with YKW, well, that’s got to be a good thing.

Never. It’s a bad idea, prompted by those nostalgic for the Empire and trying to avoid the consequences of Brexit.

For Canada, the import share from Britain is 1.58% of our total, exports 1.78%. For Australia they’re 2.9% of exports, a whopping 4% of imports; NZ 2.5 % of exports.
The three countries are raw materials suppliers
In trade terms, the U.K. is basically a blip.

In strategic terms the strongest partners are the U.S., Japan, and the E.U.
Whatever happens on Brexit, Britain is basically irrelevant to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

A ‘blip’ which may change in the future. Don’t let your hatred for independence in the UK cloud your views.
All the people I know who voted for independence don’t want a return of the Empire which would be impossible. Haven’t watched the video and will not. I cannot see the idea coming to fruition.

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I think YKW is going to take over the world’s economy, bit by bit.

Yeah, well, if this annus horribilis (note two "n"s before you get all twitchy) has taught us anything, it’s that “the way things are” has less and less suction as the weeks pass. The conditions you describe are far from immutable.
Anyways, I couldn’t actually give a monkey’s about the last part of that word, I would be happier with just CANZ, never mind how far fetched a concept it might be.

CANZ, you know…like the Film Festival :wink:

Oh, and Happy


Major trading partners of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand:
UK- population 66 million, GDP 2.2 trillion
Japan- pop. 120m, GDP 5 trillion
U.S.- pop. 330m, GDP 20.5 trillion
EU- pop. 440m, GDP 18.3 trillion
S.E. Asia- pop. 650m, GDP 3.3 trillion
China- pop. 1.2 billion, GDP 13.8 trillion

As an Australian - curious to see if it plays out, I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon.

ScoMo was quite quick to rule out any freedom of movement policy between UK and AU just in January.

There will be an exodus from britain and canada to the south simply based on weather.

Wont happen.

Starting to sound like the amero all over again.