What is considered a good salary for technical writers in Taiwan?

There are 1000s of job openings on that 104 article. Unfortunately, most jobs in Taiwan fall into that “awful” category you mentioned.

For some reason I’m unable to open the Excel sheet. But I think if you filter by years of experience, the average will probably not be close to 1 million NT.

Cake resume has some better openings but even they don’t meet 1 million NT yearly salary for low experience software jobs on average: https://www.cakeresume.com/jobs/[台北]%20軟體工程師%20Software%20Engineer?salary_range[max]=2013232


There are 1000s of jobs available for fresh graduates.

The reports are mostly people with very limited work experience.

Anyway you are wrong. 104 is not representative at all. Ask around on PTT, most people would tell you that 1 mil is really low for engineers.


This is Europe and the entries are relatively few as well, and the median is like 10k higher than Taiwan … before tax.

Same in Japan.

I don’t want the uninformed opinions of random strangers on the internet, when I can access entire websites with 1000s of job postings and compute the median myself.

I am quite sure that the median wage for junior software engineers in Taipei is around 700k NT. I had done a lot of research in this a year ago when I was looking for jobs. I have been here a while and was just curious about the distribution.

1 million NT is definitely not “really low”. Heck, even reputed companies offer less than that to new graduates here.

The median on CakeResume and 104 (both of which take into account 1000s of postings) is somewhere around 6-7 萬 per month for junior roles. I think this is about right.

More than 90% of companies here don’t even have an entry on levels.fyi - it only consists of international and reputed companies that anyway pay high wages. So that data is obviously skewed.


Fun fact, I saw a YouTube video where Google Taiwan engineers said that 2 million NT per year was really low for fresh college grads. It’s all about perspective. I want data and not emotions

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Again, those are all shit postings for beginners, not median or average. Anyone switching would ask a headhunter or use LinkedIn, not 104 and CakeResume.

And you are basically making my point for me. 60-70k/month is around 1 mil/year because 15 or even more instalments of salaries is the norm with these establishments.

@Gain is your sample size representative of the population?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to choose a sample of highly paid engineers and then say that engineers here generally make 1 million NTD annually. A small percentage of them certainly make >1 million NTD, annually, including my 2 cousins at MediaTek.


Gain has been shown up for shitposting again.
let’s get back on topic


what kinds of engineers are you talking on.

The Ministry of Labor’s July 2022 occupational category salary survey pointed out that in addition to telecommunications engineers with a monthly salary of 84,000 ntd, aerospace mechanical engineers with a monthly salary of 76,000 ntd, and geological, mining, drilling, and metallurgical engineers with a monthly salary of 72,000 ntd squeezed into the top ten high-paying occupations, the annual salaries were as high as 1.622 million ntd, 1.205 million ntd, 1.155 million ntd. In addition, the average regular salary of electrical and electronic engineers is 68,000 ntd, and the annual salary is 1.26 million ntd, which is not inferior.

The recent AI trend has driven the market for software engineers. A survey shows that the regular salary of information and communication professionals (including system analysis, programming, database and network professionals) in 2022 will also be 68,000 ntd, and the annual salary will be 1.106 million ntd. The regular salaries of optical engineers and chemical engineers are 63,000 ntd and 62,000 ntd respectively, and the annual salaries are 1.022 million ntd and 1.01 million ntd respectively; the monthly salary of mechanical engineers is 59,000 ntd, but the annual salary is also over one million. The monthly salaries of refrigeration and air conditioning engineers and civil water conservancy engineers are 59,000 ntd and 58,000 ntd respectively, and the annual salaries are 984,000 ntd and 861,000 ntd respectively. Their incomes are acceptable.

telecommunications engineers 14.9k
aerospace mechanical engineers 1.1k
geological, mining, drilling, and metallurgical engineers 0.5k
electrical and electronic engineers 134.6k
information and communication professionals 131.0k
optical engineers 4.4k
chemical engineers 21.3k
mechanical engineers 47.3k

the average annual salary of 1.03 mil professionals including engineers was 0.982 million ntd.


I do not know about historically, but yeah in this thread his posts have been shit.

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Solid contributions in the, albeit subjective, movie thread

Salaries on 104 are wrong both jobs I got from there were listed as “above 40k” but both paid multiples of that.

I would say depends on the field of work. At least CS, EE, ME, and Material Science 1 million is standard salary with masters (equivalent to 2-4 yoe). Lots of companies pay more than that but I’m sure averages out above 1 million too.

Source: Me. I went to school here, then worked here, then hired people. I know what I’m talking about.

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Only top companies are on levels.fyi. I would check Michael Page salary guide. Last time I check it was like 950k for juniors?

There’s no point talking about ‘engineers’ which is including hardware and software and newbies and experienced blah blah…it’s kind of meaningless.
need to compare apples to apples

So how about those tech writing jobs ?


70-80k seems like a frequent starting point for native English speaking technical writers


I am totally right.

According to Michael Page it’s 1.5 mil so you are wrong again.

I am talking about software. Hardware makes a lot more.

There were talking about juniors.
Median is 1200/1100 and this is probably including juniors and mid seniors. I’m not sure where you get 1.5 mil from

A HR staff member recently contacted me. I told him that my desired salary is NT$75,000/month. He then arranged to have an online meeting with me tomorrow morning.