What is considered a good salary for technical writers in Taiwan?

To be specific, technical writers who would write only English-language documentation.

60-80k starting salary. 100k+ is pretty good

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60-80k starting salary

Is this mainly seen in foreign companies? I suppose local companies will generally offer less than 50k?

My first technical writing job at a local company had a salary of 78k. My job before that, which was not technical writing only paid around 60.


How was the CNY bonus? 2 months’ pay?

2-3 months at CNY

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That’s pretty decent. What was the stress level and company culture/expectations like?

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Not much work, super boring. Could easily do all my work in 1 hour a day. Culture was bland, people were mostly zombies


Dammit you just described my job. Which is why one day I went home and stayed home. :rofl:


Making 1 million NT per year (including bonus) for working a few hours a day seems like a sweet deal. Even engineers aren’t paid that much at most local companies.

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Not true at all. Engineers make a lot more than $1 million/year. Even beginners.

I’m an engineer in Taipei and I’m quite familiar with the median and average wages here. For most engineers with less than 5-7 years of experience, making 1 million NT is impossible. Only the top 10-20% for that experience range make over that.


That is competely wrong.

1 million is really tragic. Even beginners get more than that, and these are mostly mid/small establishments.

Not true. My first system engineering role in an international company only paid me 60k.

@DunderMifflin is right, most engineers aren’t breaking 1m with less than 5 years experience.


When was this?

You are wrong. And how many months of salary did you receive/year?



The links I posted also show that 1 million is a very low bar.

It might be different for foreigners.

15, but only 12 guaranteed. I’m not wrong cos that is actually how much I earned…


Why are you looking at levels.fyi? You think Taiwanese use that website? Most local companies don’t even have an entry on that page…


Just a few years ago


This is Taiwan, it’s not the US or Europe.

Use websites that people use here. Here’s an analysis of average monthly salaries from 104, Taiwan’s primary job hunting website

@Gain As shown above, it’s not close to 1 million NT per year for local jobs unless you’re 75 percentile or better.


It’s far better than 104 which only has garbage listings for fresh graduates. It’s like using Craigslist as the source of income stats in America.

Besides people get more than 14 months of salaries.

This one was filled out by Dcard users (which is a very dire group) and even here you can see that the majority of reports are at least 1 million.