What is "hengkang"?

what is “hengkang”… may taiwanese co-worker always saying that.

In what context do your colleagues use those words? I can’t think of words that match “heng kang.” Are they speaking Mandarin or Minnamese?

fwiw that is the Chinese for the highest sumo ranking.

Entry from Tai-oan-oe toa su-tian (台灣話大辭典)

[興工 heng-kang] hin-kang. 起業. 開工. “Start work”

Taiwanese example sentence: 講連鞭會興工了 kong2 lian5-piN e7(oe7)-heng-kang lou3.

Mandarin translation: 據說很快就會開工了 Ju4shuo1 hen3 kuai4 jiu4 hui4 kai1 gong1 le5.

English: They say we’re going to have to start work real(ly) soon.

yeah i know heng kang, its masturbate… :smiley:

why did you ask a question you know the answer to?

Because he’s being a dick.

In indonesian slang, probably derived from Hokkian too, Hengkang means get out of here, I gotta leave ex. Gue hengkang ke Taiwan 5 tahun yang lalu, I left for Taiwan 5 years ago


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what’s the tone? if it’s hen3gan4, it’s obscenity. my teacher often says that when he’s unhappy with certain situations to emphasize and express his anger.