What IS open today?

I called Bongos and they’re closed for 2 days.
No answer at The Diner.
Am I going to have to eat at 7-11?
Does anyone know any restaurants open today?


Apparently Friday’s is open.
I guess I’ll be going there soon.

Carnegie’s is open.

Yeah, I went there yesterday actually.
I forgot that option.

McDonald’s :slight_smile: if that qualifies.

Napoli pizza. With chicken wings.

I had a lovely curry at 101 complete with all the crazy tourists. I actually saw people smoking inside 101…

I was blissful to see the ChoChoGuo next to my house open. Know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow.

The sushi restaurant downstairs is also open.

I think I must be lucky.

Shilin and Huaxi night markets were crowded out the wazoo.

You needn’t worry because this is open:


Anything and everything you need.

In rural Taiwan, the sushi places, the cafes, and everything looking like a supermarket was open yesterday, so I took the old handbrake for a coffee, and a quick nappy buying expedition in Rt mart.

I have yet to see so many people in any Taiwanese cafe or megamart.

I am open, but nope, sorry, no more food. Family from GF came over. We’re done. Over. No more. Finito. Empty fridge. Full stomach.

I just drove around for an hour trying to find a Motorcycle shop that was open. Came across about twenty closed ones before I found one.

Does nobody’s motorcyle break during Chinese New Year? I guess if you burn enough ghost $$$ it won’t.