What is the account holder's penalty for unfair trading?

Hi my name is Charles. I’m trading in stock market currently and I found some unfair traiding in the market. What is the penalty for the account holder if the holder did unfair trading? May I know and may I have the referrence, too?

Thanks for your help.


do you know?

i don’t know, but you may check regulations.

Securities and Exchange Act

Thanks. Actually, I checked the regulation before. I need the traders’ regulation but that regulation explains for securities only. haha.

Anyway, thanks alot.

i don’t know what you mean, but for insider trading, Article 157-1 says something.

All stocks are securities. You should look up the regulations for insider trading of securities.

hi. I think you misunderstood my question. My question is what if the trader(account holder means who is doing trading through the brokerage) will do the unfair trading, what will be the penalty. :slight_smile: :grinning:

Insider trading is illegal regardless of who does it, whether it’s the account holder or the broker.

of course :slight_smile: my question is what is the penalty for personal trader.

I believe the penalty is the same for everyone, which I assume includes jail time. You may check the laws that tando linked:

dont know what kind of unfair trading you are talking on. if price manipulation, Article 155 tells on it.

for both, penalties are in Article 171, maybe.

anyway, if you read the law and didn’t find anything on what you are looking for, it is possible that the trading you think unfair is not prohibited.

Thanks thanks. really helpful. :slight_smile: