What is the best calling card for calling to Taiwan?

I have been using pincity.com for a few years now calling my girlfriend’s mobile number (in Taipei). When I say calling card, I do not mean a physical card you buy in a store, but I’m open to using those if I can easily find them at walmart or something like that. So it’s around 10-11 cents a minute using my pincity.com account and recently I am having trouble connecting most of the time. And then my minutes disappear even when it just makes a beeping sound instead of actually ringing, or it will be silent, etc. So I am pretty fed up, and so is my girlfriend. I tried googling and am really not sure which would be best, so I’d rather ask what your family members in the states have been using to call you? Besides just using skype or something like that, because my girlfriend does not have a land line so that’s not really an option for us. Again, an internet based calling card account would be the most convenient for me. Thanks in advance.