What is the best celluar service provider in Taichung?

I am moving to Taichung from Banqiao in a few weeks. My two year contract will be up soon. Which cellular service would you recommend if you live in Taichung? I would prefer responses from actual Taichung residents if possible :slight_smile:

I use Taiwan mobile and fareastone

Taiwan mobile gets signal in most places I’m at, however on wenxin road where the MRT is being built there are some dead zones. Fareastone tends to be weaker or dead in many places that I frequent. It’s really hard to tell because it depends on where you are if they placed a tower or not but I found Taiwan mobile to be consistently good.

The odd time I’ve got signal with FET and Taiwan mobile had no signal but where I usually go it’s the other way around.

Thanks for the response! I will look into Taiwan Mobile first.