What is the cost of an ARC?



Can anyone give me the exact cost for the ARC?

My employer has subsidised my salary, saying the cut was for the cost for my ARC.

While I don’t doubt this is true (it’s in the contract), I would like to know the cost for balancing my finances. I need to know if this cut in my salary is a one-off or if it’s consecutive throughout my contractual-term.

Many thanks, you lovely people, you.


First, before you do anything, your company must apply a work permit for you. It’s their responsibility.
The application cost is TWD 500.

Then, you should pay and do your ARC application by yourself.
It costs TWD 1000 for one year extension, TWD 2000 for 2 years and TWD 3000 for 3 years.

The length of ARC extension is not your decision, but by the immigration after your company file a work permit application. My company asked for 3 years extension once, when they apply for work permit, the immigration office give them one year, so I can only apply for one year extension.

In area other than Taipei City, you have the option of them sending your ARC when it finished. You just need to pay for the mailing (TWD 26 for New Taipei City) and write your mailing address neatly (in Chinese!)


In addition to ARC fee, there is also resident visa fee of 2200, your visa status needs to be changed to resident visa to apply for ARC, both resident visa and ARC application can be done at same time in immigration office


Okay, thanks for that.

The cut in my salary last month, when my employer said this was to pay for my visa, far far exceeded the quotes posted here.

I an very very concerned…



Check this link for visa fees, American passport holder pays more