What is the equivalent of 著 in Taiwanese

I am currently learning Taiwanese and I am wondering whether the character 著 (zhe) in Mandarin that indicates action in progress has any equivalent in Taiwanese. Any answer would be highly appreciated.

It seems to me the particle “te7” is typically used, which means “在” and is used in the same way that “zai” can be used for this purpose in Mandarin, as in “他在講話”

Can you please give me a sentence example in Taiwanese?

Well, that one would be “yi te gong-oe”

What does gong-oe mean?

講話. kong-oe is better. The construction works with any verb as far as I can think of.

It’s also te in Hakka.

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As far as I know 著 sometimes appears as ‘leh’ or ‘tio̍h’

For example, 把它放著,ga I kng leh.

Or, 它正在燒著,i dng leh sior tioh

Just my two cents.