What is the process of getting married to a ROC citizen?

Hey everyone! I’m new here so don’t really know how it works… but hope someone had a similar experience and would like to share their knowledge.

I graduated from a university here in Taiwan so I used to have student ARC. Currently I have visa extension after university for one year (it’s about to expire in the end of June 2022).

So my question is what is the process of getting married to a ROC citizen and what kind of documents do I need to prepare? What kind of visa would I have after getting married? Can I work and/ or temporary leave the country?


Recently married a ROC citizen, got resident visa yesterday, will apply for ARC tomorrow. Did it in a more complex way. First was online marriage through Utah, US, then register the marriage in my own country, then register in Taiwan but I’ll assume the documents you need are the same as registering a marriage in Taiwan. I suggest to prepare everything you need first, then get married in Taiwan, apply for resident visa, and then ARC because some places would require less documents than others. Other than that, I’m not sure if you can change student ARC to marriage without leaving Taiwan. Anyway, here are all the documents you need in no special order:

  1. Single certificate from your country (Legalized from Taiwanese office abroad)
  2. No criminal record (Legalized from Taiwanese office abroad)
  3. ROC household registration (They will have it at the place you sign the marriage)
  4. Copies of passport/ID cards
  5. Health check (For resident visa/ARC)
    The places to call for more information are - 1. Household office (Sign the marriage), 2. MOFA (Apply resident visa), 3. Immigrations (Apply ARC)

In the end you would get an ARC with open work permit (as long as your spouse has household registration), and as far as I know you can leave Taiwan for up to 6 months per year without any problems

Edit: You need to register the marriage in your own country before applying for resident visa and ARC, if you don’t you only get visitor visa


Step 1: get girlfriend/boyfriend