What is the Tax rate for residents in Taiwan?

Can you really afford that ? :rofl:

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Saw this somewhere recently (maybe here). Don’t know if relevant.

I saw someone post that photo somewhere recently too but, I mean, it’s not really some secret useful info. You can find versions of that table literally everywhere.

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Sure. But that’s the income tax rate on taxable income, not the income tax rate on income earned.

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Yes, clearly. None of the tables include exemptions and deductions. And…?

I paid $17. I got to get me a new accountant.

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That’s your interest for filing 5 weeks late, yeah? (I think I saw you saying you hadn’t filed yet in another thread.) Not bad!

I started to argue with them saying “but I came here and you was shut” and then they told me I owed 17 shekels and I was like, OK well in that case.

Couldn’t they have technically fined you for being so late?

I filed on time through the software and just paid late, but was expecting to be fined a few hundred.

I filed nine years late once. I file late most years. They never, ever fine me.


Good to know! Do you normally owe them money or vice versa? I wonder whether that makes a difference…

Swings and roundabouts. Idiot that I am I thought I was getting a rebate this year. Completely didn’t realize I was paying zero tax.

I’ve had years when I’ve gone in and they’ve had a cheque waiting for me for undeclared income and when they’ve asked me, did I do some work for xxx company I’ve denied it thinking I was in trouble and they’ve literally handed me a check for 20,000.


Given your chequered record, it’s amazing they let you stay in this country. :rofl:

And now you are (mis)educating Andrew to follow you down that dark path . . .


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If you are not paying tax you are not earning enough.
The new prestige is paying tax in Taiwan .:no_mouth::sweat_smile:

PS once I started complaining about how much tax I paid in a given year to my colleagues, instead of joining in they were 'how much exactly do you get paid '?

Always fishing…:grin:


Yet another reason for you to receive honorary citizenship!


Was actually a real complaint but there was no sympathy for me many Taiwanese don’t seem to pay tax it seems.

I paid less than 20,000 this year. I have no idea why…

There’s a fixed tax rate of 6%. You pay this once a year based on how much you earned the previous year.

The government doesn’t trust you to pay them a lump sum once a year so they take a little out of your monthly pay.

Most work contracts are a year long. 18% monthly withholding for the first 180 days guarantees that if you skip out on your contract early and leave Taiwan, they still get their tax quota.

Tax returns are all the extra cash you overpaid for taxes being returned to you.

Pro-tip: Do your own taxes, don’t let your school “assist” you. A coworker of mine was once chuffed to be getting 50k back on taxes. I was getting 56k. I didn’t say anything.

The government doesn’t care. Your employer decides. They can deduct zero if they want. I’m on zero withholding tax. As are all tax office employees.